Tonight’s Treasure

It’s been decades since I’ve had the privelege of spending the night with a man such as this.
He’s a normal enough fellow;  it’s the taste of the story he’s serving and the structure it’s formed within that silently excites me.

While being reminded of a regrettable loneliness that feels like it burrows  deeper into even the bones of my soul, the older I get…I found him. Online.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something as delightfully gruesome as the finding of false teeth in one’s morning breakfast stew.
And it’s been a long time since I’ve heard any one individual  share so much from within such limited spans of time and often difficult spaces.

How lucky I was to find him tonight..with his gift of  chasing away another friendless night. And reminding me of all the precious “little” joys that make me a lucky woman after all.

A soldier from The Australian Imperial Forces and the words from his diary-kept between 1914-1917 …a little over a hundred years ago.
Here’s the link I wandered into..
…just in case you could use some intriguing company as well.
..just in case you wish to be comforted by a reminder that we’re never, truly, as alone as “that”.
original photo By danieldep

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