Don’t Sweat it Rudolph, I Got You, Honey

Happy little girl hugging her reindeer. Winter playtime.

Such clever little things they are, hm?
Picking on Rudolph, cuss words and accusations of racism to boot.
Good job, Huff.

I mean yum yum to the tum tum, that’s mighty mighty goooood.
That is how we talk right? In childish shorthand and juvenile gargles, right?
Obviously, a lot of us were too busy maintaining bad-ass adult roles and too mature around the times this classic was aired to have retained precious type memories from watching this with siblings or grandparents.

How very proud all their grannies and grappies must be , over such stark and “politically correct” harping. From the mouths of the former babes they cuddled in the background while this show was leaking all of this “poison” into the room.
So, I assume, that they’re simply conducting themselves as children online because they missed out on reaping the benefits of the warmth and joy this film gave other immature kids so many years ago.

Silly kids like me who were immersed in the world of imagination that TV offered.
Dorky little rug shufflers, like me, sitting two feet from the set and singing along to the baritone comforts of Burl Ives’ voice.
Sensitive slob, as I was at six or seven, with tears in the eyes by the time the song about being a misfit toy came on.

Because for one lousy, fricking moment in my life…I finally felt like someone understood and captured how I felt , going to school nearly every god forsaken day. Or sitting in my room alone at “home”.

If I’m not mistaken, catching that message of INCLUSION was one of the first glimmers of hope that I had about..
..finding my own kind to play with. One day.
.. finding some sort of ” own kind” that wouldn’t point and snicker. One day.
..finding some sort of “own kind” that could love me enough to help me not mind I didn’t have a mother or father who loved me enough to not also poke fun at me.
Oh sure. Sure. I get it now.

I just forgot to ask other people to tell me how to feel about it. So I could get properly pissed.

What a shame I totally missed the insults being hurled at other brown folk like me .
Straight through my TV set too. Imagine that.

Well, I never claimed to be the quickest study in the bunch.
But I’ll tell you one thing…I sure appreciate this opportunity, looking over that hot, toxic and weirdly primal run of online responses. From what I thought were human beings.
Because now I can rest easy, knowing that I hadn’t been missing all that much in the company of the “normal” folk I once craved to be accepted by…after all.
Because as far as I can tell….
…barely a single one of Them was probably worth a good god damn..anyway.

Christmas on a beach concept with boy wearing Santa Clause hat and dog with reindeer antlers headband


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