Advent Christmas Calendar o’ Jokes

Advent calendars , filled with chocolate and candies, counting down to THE big day, were always a favorite tradition of mine.

I’ve decided to indulge in  a  project for the month,  in the same spirit-providing a little “door” to open each day with something sweet, small and satisfying inside.

Instead of candy.. clean holiday jokes courtesy of

Short one-liners will be posted online elsewhere, while  longer ones will be posted here.

May you find many extra daily and sweet surprises throughout this month.

Broom from green mistletoe

Shortly before Christmas, a business man was anxious to get home. The business trip had been grueling and he was not in a particularly good mood. The airport loudspeakers blared Christmas carols he was sick of hearing. He thought their decorations were tacky. The worst decoration, he thought, was the plastic mistletoe hung over the luggage scale.
Being in a grumpy mood, he said to the woman at the counter, “You know, even if I weren’t married, I wouldn’t kiss you.”
“That’s not what it’s there for,” said the attendant. “It’s so you can kiss your luggage goodbye.”

(photo By arybickii )

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