The More Things Change…(w/ error correction)

The more they stay the same, right?

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Gee whiz, Beav…I was getting a little down on the town lately thinking on how we have to take being told “nobody knows nothin'” over this raging whitewater of ASDs affecting our children, drowning our children….but heck.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I made an error in stating that vaccinations were “about to start” in the following  section, when I wrote this earlier. The vaccinations started in 1955).Microsoft Edge 12_7_2018 10_28_32 PM

(There had been a great deal of conflicting opinions amongst medical experts about the alleged severity of the condition of infantile paralysis in the earliest 1900s-as seen in above article from The Bismarck Daily Tribune from November of 1910.

I offer my apologies for those who read an earlier edition. I’ve been through a lot of hours reading and mismatched archival information  from both time periods.)

What I should have stated instead was…

When people were being encouraged to address infantile paralyses as a severe issue, not only were we told that there was no intention of telling us the source of the paralyzing conditions, it was also determined that precious time wouldn’t be wasted on explaining the channel, the different types, treatment…nothing.


I guess “quite some time to discuss” was some sort of code for ” shut up, sit down and stop trying to think about what we choose to do with those litters you keep insisting on having.”

Who knows.


Although he spared no wind from going on and on about Jesus, miracles and his God complex.

Of course.


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