I Will Stop Masking When…

Ya, all right. I see your points.

Let me say a few things first on these worriesome “masking” concerns ya’ll are so sweetly fretting over…

I will cease “masking” when you stop posing like a virile, young stud with those ED pills rattling in your pocket. Ok?
I will stop masking the very minute I see you flashing that gummy, salmon pink smile of yours at the next business conference you host.
For there’s not a single thing to be ashamed of, correct? God gave you a sweet set of gums to hold those, now missing, teeth just like the rest of us and there’s no reason why you need to hide that from anyone.

Portrait alte Asiatin
When you drop the stresses of disguising your age at the beauty salons or spending big bucks at the nail salons for manicures to cover those bitten-to-the-quick nails of yours, I will gladly let it all loose as well. I’ll make an effort to hunch my shoulders back over like I did as a younger woman. Shoot, I might even start flapping my arms again (actually, it was more of a wrist thing for me) since you’re so fond of keeping that one action rocking steady on the symptom lists.
If anyone casts judgement over how your nails look like they’ve been nibbled on by a twelve year old..beaver, heck Honey..you don’t need them. Right?

I’ll happily unlearn all the tedious things I forced myself to undertake in order to avoid embarrassment and I will find other feel good self indulgences to replace the ones you wish for me and my kind to give up for…what was it you called it?..ah yes, my “well being”

Just..you first.

(In the meantime, no one asked your opinion, mind your own business and  be happy with the current monitoring you’re doing to keep a tab on us.)

photo By Digitalpress

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