Sidewinding around Post Restriction

I detest being restricted, banned or so-called punished.

It’s an insult to me as a grown woman. I tried posting to a couple of important groups and received word of my “punishments”.

I found the comments important enough to send from my ‘home’. Fingers crossed.

To the lady who posted a video re: question on “stimming”, this was my intended reply.
Yes, it’s “stimming”(stimulating). As long as he doesn’t hurt himself or others, your darling will be fine. I was a fierce rocker as a little girl..and made it to my 50s w/o therapies or other “interferences” being pushed upon us.

To the frustrated parent w/ question re: child being forced to stay in school, I had wished to send a firm hug and a link with a few jump-off points.
Along with a sympathetic blessing of strength within a system determined to do what it feels it wishes to do with “ITS” children..and ignoring those of us who are the TRUE parents. Hold on tight, darling..hold on tight and never cave in due to exhaustion-not all avenues have been blocked. Not Yet.

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