A Cute Music Track Error

I was sifting through samples of the Gregorian Chants Benedictine Monks Of St. Wandrille De Fontonelle album on Amazon.
When I pressed track 1, I heard what I thought was a mistaken entry exclusive to the web page. I bought the album and downloaded.
After download, there it was again, sure enough.
Oh, it starts with organ music all right…but..
Just in case it may amuse Someone else.. Someday.. within the unsettled territories of Sometime, here’s a link. It won’t produce any sidesplitting laughter action but it may lift a corner or two of the lips.


(It reminds me of the time when my eldest was around 2 or 3. I had purchased a children’s dance party tape from a major store.  Instead of music, there was a 90 minute interview with someone who claimed to be maintaining regular contact with Elvis {early 90s} and secret agents or some suchness.
Lol, it was one of the first times I was introduced to hearing the  “confessions” of “one of THOSE” government conspiracists.)

It was a cute little hoot of a mistake-depending on how hard the differences strike someone.

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