Sweeter Transitioning

hand of parent and child on the background blurred nature.Mother holding hands baby
There’s a good reason why older moms go up to new parents of infants and feel the need to remind them how fast the years go by. As if new parents have to be reminded of this . When each day  seems to encourage celebration over things like the new way their darling waves his arm or hours long investigations of the appearance of a new freckle.
It’s harmless enough-the advice.

I’ve recently joined the ranks of the grandmotherly, with a new baby soon on her way.
I now understand that the instruction of “don’t take these days for granted” were meant in the best ways; not in the imagined condescending ways that my younger mom self used to indignantly huff about.

Like a flash, they go. One day, your tiny sweet stuff is cooing bubbles of delight over a bird flying overhead. The next day brings an annoyed suck of the teeth and eyeroll over not wishing to be talked to “like a baby”.
Same sweet stuff, but not so tiny.

Throughout the year there are several times that can mark these transitions of one’s child and his/her evolving interests.
As a younger mom ,with my eldest years ago, those transitional periods could bring temporary moments of melancholia. Which, BTW, has been a normal experience for ages-from the first days of school in the Autumn to your child’s first smirk of knowing when you attempt to bring up Santa’s name one more time when discussing gifts.

With my children being seventeen years apart in age, I get to experience the transitions stages once again. Thankfully, I’ve been able to skip the moist eyes and tingles around the heart this time.

Through revised planning re: the formerly “little kid” occasions, it’s  a blessing to not just leave the “small child ” behind but to have opportunity for them to form interests that they can carry with them to share with others for decades to come.
I’m going to share two examples.

This Halloween, having been told that trick or treating is officially over, we found ourselves enjoying a presentation by Kathi Kresol-a local author and investigator of historical paranormal research. With impressive pep and sparkle, she related  true life stories of hauntings and the histories behind them within an hour that flew by in what felt like half that time.

I discovered her through a book that caught my attention earlier that year. How delighted I was to find that she gave tours and that more stories were waiting at the following website.


The artifacts in the Boone County museum=cherries on top of an already fine treat.IMG_2886IMG_2887

The second example is something I hope everyone has an opportunity to find.
It was the live symphony performance of the entire soundtrack to the original “Wizard of Oz” film, at the gorgeous “Coronado Theater” in downtown Rockford, Illinois.




Although we happened to attend it around the time of Halloween 2017, attending it during the Christmas season should turn out to be an extra special delight..especially with both of my now ‘grown’ darlings…if the chance comes around again.
Maybe it can be for you as well, sometime soon.
original movie trailer

Some of these links may not be current, as far as the “Wizard of Oz” event is concerned-There’s never any harm in checking  future dates and discovering other equally satisfying gems.

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