News From the Earliest Days of Polio

On this page are links which  will let you see for yourself the earliest news concerning the Infantile Paralysis “epidemic” (later named “polio”)
The fuss. The political squabbling. The arguments over whether it was as serious as it was rumored.
Naturally, I can not place all of the pages at this time.
Obviously, if your interest is piqued, you’ll have to embark on your own journey via newspaper archives. In the meantime I am happy enough to give you a good start.

Keep in mind how never once..thru four decades of action, reaction and conflicting opinions..did we prove the CAUSE of it. Although one will find enthusiastic reference to insect bites and such in the earliest of years.
Also, keep in mind.. as you see the name “Harvard” appear through the much we now admit to and know of their Eugenics programs and keen enthusiasm to control the “infestation” of “undesirables”…coincidentally around the same span of years.

The early news on polio-“infantile paralysis”.
(I ran across an archival article online that I can’t find anymore.

However, I did take a pic of it.)
I  wish it was of a better quality. I will include it none-the-less because it is one of the earliest records of medical experts expressing high suspicion over the alarms which were being rung over this disease.

Information that has been “lost” to us.



(to make it easier on yourself to find the relevant articles, keyword search “Infantile Paralysis” for each page)

Don’t let those no more clever or smart than you make you feel inferior.
They may hurt us and they may shame us into wretched states of helplessness…but they definitely do not deserve to be “honored” nor “respected” for it.

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