Nudges. Like We’re Children or Pets, Right?

Vaccination. Doctor with syringe making vaccination to patient

“Nudges”. Right.
It seems we need to be “nudged” into getting our shots, I see.

The article forgot to mention that dentists were given the green light to administer vaccines a while ago.
I’m going to take a shot (yes, pun intended) and say that our dentist calling attention to this in his or her office is a sort of nudge, is it not? Someone ought to remind them of this…
After all, they were given the green light to give vaccinations on an “emergency basis” because of a flu outbreak in 2009. ..and still encouraged to continue.

It’s sort of “cute” (in a psychologically macabre way) how they try to avoid seeming as if they are FORCING the this group of pussy footing word games in the following paragraph-
….the study concludes, doctors and health officials should focus on indirect behavior modification — actions like automatically scheduled vaccination appointments, phone and text reminders from doctors’ offices and monetary incentives from employers.
which basically means
“If they refuse to volunteer for the shots.
…take advantage of them by setting appointments anyway (like a skeevy salesperson writing up a sales receipt as part of trying to FORCE a close ) they won’t remember anyway
..harrass them with reminders that it’s something we really want them to do..
..and throw cash at them because they’re too “stupid” or “lazy” otherwise.

Once again, we’re grown adults and human beings.

Not THINGS to be “nudged”.

Especially from those who indignantly continue to take public pot shots at our intelligence on account of the fact that many of us CAN NOT trust them…

(no matter how snide or “slick” they wish to be and how “stupid” they think we are)

due to blatant deceptions and troubles we’ve been forced to suffer through the decades.


photo By Dmytro Flisak




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