Amor Fati and the Real Stuff

Surprised woman

This is what I think about the notion of We the People wresting power from the alleged Powers that Be.
It would be like taking power from an unruly teenager and placing it in the hands of a rampaging toddler.
An idea so stupid one would have to be a pure idiot to give it more than joking consideration.
Yet, this is what we’ve been doing for centuries in different corners of the world, at different times. Protesting and pursuing “justice” for “freedoms” and “rights” of whatever group of oppressed peoples are in the spotlight.

All one needs to do is skim through the contents of what we say to one another on this global platform, this hot mess of social interactions, to know we’re not running on full tanks.
All we need recall are riots and protests that ended up with blood and fire in the streets,  to remind us of one sad and consistent fact.
We are incapable of self rule.

There are many individuals who can and do handle their business with wisdom and success. But we exist as collectives of individuals.

We travel on roads shared by others.

No one has their own private set of roads leading from their homes to their favorite destinations. Never mind building them.

And no one is skilled in all sets of necessary occupations to be able to birth their own babies, build their own power stations or countless other things we take for granted on a daily basis.

There is a book I’m in the middle of reading. It’s called “We the Corporations”.
What an eye opener.

I will admit anger is one of the first emotions that popped up. But it was not over the idea of so-called “big business” being the rightful ones in charge. I was angry at them “overstepping” their boundaries at an earlier time. But that was before I discovered the facts.

It was an intense anger of how underestimated we have been all along. It was an anger over the myths and lies pumped into and fed to us as children in our schools, how we’ve been educated.

It’s an anger which grows more each day I see a crack in the curtains that are now, carelessly, drawn in front of our eyes. Especially when I see another story that has the sweet face of an innocent whose entire life was destroyed as a result of the deceptions.

It’s like a woman starting a relationship with a man (or however and with whatever gender mix you want). He fills her ears and heart with overly affectionate triteness, thus securing whatever romantic rewards available out of her.
Then the man acts in suspicious ways that cause her to wonder about his sincerity. He cheats, he lies and has unexplained absences. She confronts him on these things but he vehemently sticks to his words. Sometimes, as he’s prone to belittling her for her “paranoia” or mocking her intelligence for not believing him..she is forced into backing off. She is forced into staying in a miserable situation because he refuses to come clean.
That’s where we are at this moment in this country.
The man (our masters) underestimated the woman (the people) and her intelligence to such a severe degree that he felt comfortable to keep up the deception for his selfish gain. In the miserable meantime, it’s become a poisoned household of fights, mistrust between two people who end up hating the CRAZY guts out of one another.
One fighting for the truth simply to bring peace to her life and to pursue her own happiness, not wanting to risk pushing away her man if he is being sincere. He’s not but she doesn’t know. How can she?
The other so crippled by assumptions of what MAY happen to his person or personal joy if she were to know the truth, he chooses to continue on a path that brings ridiculously outrageous actions and often violence. In the worst scenario, if they have children together, it comes at the expense of their safety and happiness.

Once again…sadly..what I believe to be the case we’re dealing with at present.

Things having gotten so out of hand  that our children have been caught under the wheels of a vehicle we could have avoided all together.

This couldn’t have been put into simpler terms.
Something has to change in how we educate our young and whether we choose to grow up and sacrifice our myths and fairy tales.
Fronts and delusional confidence have to be dropped from one end and the over inflated egos and false confidences need to be surrendered for a more humble perspective from the other end.

Find this book. At least find out the truth of how we actually came to be.


It’s nothing to be angered or disappointed about.

It’s a common sense fact that should have been out in the open for us to know about.
The fact we have hurt each other and killed one another over idealistic bogusness is what should anger and disappoint you..enough to demand a change in YOURSELF.
there’s no reason why one can’t go ahead with individual enlightenment.

Even if The System persists in playing games with fairy tales and mind games-for it’s nothing more than an idiot mash up of  richer and stronger versions of Us, anyway.

As a satisfying bonus….a quick study on “Amor Fati”

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