WHY They Banned That Song

Kissing couple in park in winter

Population control.
I know…I know, it sounds about as ridiculous as me informing you of seeing a man peel a banana, throw away the fruit and start nibbling on the peel.

The ones in charge, our heavy handed yet hidden generation of masters, are undoubtedly intellectually gifted. But time after time…more and more they are exposing an Achilles heel that is riddled with the infection of no common sense.

Banning a song as innocent as “Baby It’s Cold” when we have our daughters twerking to the nastiest, filthiest gut rot rap songs infiltrating our society…my goodness, IS about as obviously void of common sense, when it comes to wagging a finger at society in this bogus “MeToo” atmosphere, as it gets.

Fingers crossed. I pray for the power of brevity. Here goes.

It’s a sweet and suggestive dialogue between a man and a woman flirting with one another. That song that was unfairly banned.

What we can not see is that our Brat Masters are coming at us on all sides of the natural man and woman dating rituals. We can not see it because we’re being told that they are changing (attacking) things for “our own good”. And we trust them.
It’s not that we are stupid.
We’ve been groomed to respect and even admire high IQs and those with great wealth.
The age has come that we need to cut that.

Like a god damned cancer-this admiration of boastful and faulty human beings who finally attain “glory” through how big their toys are but act like monsters to human beings otherwise.

The idea is to make all things associated with the natural act of male/female mating repulsive to the young and easily influenced adult population.
You take away the male , away goes the natural protector AND “voila”, not that many babies to be born.

(dull irony=a great number of our distrustful brat Masters were a result from a baby boom. No doubt many were “cooked” to that song playing in the background. Haha.)

I’ve carried myself through life as a single mom, no male relatives to “protect” me and not even any male to “ride to my emotional rescue” after any sexual assaults and rapes. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a male friend to “protect” me, never mind dominate over me. But I will love these males, put up with their (beep) and I will protect these males until my dying breath.
(So..there will be no accusations of me “kissing ass” without my response of a “Pff” and a slammed door.)

It’s why we’re watching tons of casual sex, even with the youngest characters in film, on the screens…but our sons are being thrown on sex offender lists for doing what young males do. The idea is for humans to enjoy a lot of meaningless sex as entertainment and dilute its natural purpose of procreation.

This is why we are watching our young ladies evolve into brash and masculine women. On average, throughout the centuries, a woman who behaves in coarse, foul mouthed and sexually “loose” ways scores VERY low on the attraction scale. I have dated women myself and cringe at a raucous and immature girlfriend.

I have BEEN a raucous and immature ding-dong of a girl…long ago, of course.

It is not a condemnation of women acting for themselves..it is a PERSONAL CHOICE of whom we wish to associate with..FOR OURSELVES.
Just like the silent and anxious male who never speaks up for himself scores very low for females looking for a robust mating experience.

They are so eager to control an entire world according to THEIR high and mighty mathematical and philosophical “equations”, that they’ve implemented several major manipulations that we can’t possibly see for ourselves.
Unless it’s pointed out.
Unless we study these things, learn them and help out another brother or sister to stop them from walking voluntarily into these painfully STUPID deceptions.

I keep laying down a former post of mine. A very small number of people have read it and that is OK. All it takes is one person.

the post

This post explains and points out important population control tactics that have already been used on smaller countries. Through the declassified “Kissingers Report”
There is one small paragraph I highlighted.

see for yourself

It is a paragraph stuffed in between hundreds of sentences in documents coming from the W.H.O and the UN. These organizations you will know as controlling and dictating EVERYTHING from how we raise our children to what we should eat.


Now they are pretending “altruistic” intentions towards our Developmentally Disabled.
They will never be stopped. They will kill us first-the stubbornness of those convinced they are right and an entire globe of “idiots” is faulty.

I’m sorry..they are brats like that.

And once again…for the love of Pete..the fact that it looks as if it was COPY and PASTED

between the two, with the structure unchanged and words stuffed in for insulation, is  an embarrassingly obvious ‘tell’ of that “no sense” thing I was talking about.

Or, laziness.
BUT YOU CAN say “no” when the teacher pulls your child aside to do a home study because it’s “been noted that your child might have..”
And , maybe, you can even go further to protect yourself from ne’er-do-well authorities invading your home, confusing the society and leading your children into lives of misery.

Personally, I had a hard enough time with my “conditions” thank you. I’ve been abused enough…I don’t want more.

Good luck in your studies, siblings.

Hopefully, I will see you later..before my entire social existence is completely wiped out..ONLINE existence, that is.

that beautiful and romantic picture of what the Divine brought together(step back Church, no one was talking about you)…

is By Monstar Studio

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