Smart Enough to Get Everything Wrong

It is time we started seriously teaching what a lot of “good books” have been teaching us
all throughout our history.
How you must never put your trust in man.

Simply think of  times you were toasted black by the seemingly warm affections of someone you trusted. There’s no need to paint any sort of elaborate picture.

Look at the historical men and women we openly ‘worship’ and teach our young to celebrate-an adulterous preacher of a civil rights leader who plagiarized most of what the world believed to be his genius, adulterous presidents who couldn’t keep their pants zipped up with the help of super glues and a woman who hated blacks so much she started a killing factory which is celebrated to this very day. Ironically and sadly, celebrated most by the unknowing targets of such hateful desires.

I don’t know you, but I guarantee you that any one who’s reading this right now is not a stitch less nor an ounce worse than any of those folks. I know it. You should know it.

If we only start with our children, while we are still allowed to teach them as we see fit, there will be a generation “out there” that will be  grateful for our efforts.

A generation where the misleading “brotherly love” will be replaced by a more sound respect for the individual. A generation where they’ll study our history and shake their heads and wonder over our ignorance…much like we shake our heads over the poor peoples of Germany during Hitler’s reign. Which, by the way, we no longer have any right to all.

I’d love to say “you’ll see” but..well..we won’t.
I can, however, let you see what a snide and super genius is all about. One of those proud eugenicists in the “good-gawd-all-mighty” IQ range that is affecting, poisoning us into subservience and intimidating us.

He may not be in a political seat of power but he most certainly has reached countless young minds as a professor of a well known institution.
In a time where our young adults call for our heads and demanding we lose our livelihood for saying “evil” things like the word (whispered) “Oriental” is nothing but upside down nuts that a man like this has been allowed to be in a position of power as he has been.
A man so boastfully “superior” that he’s announced a few predictions in big fashion. Predictions and well thought out calculations which amounted to …..NONE of them being right.

How many more do you think are lingering in the shadows who think like this?
Authorities so “right” about what their “wunder-brains” came up with, yet couldn’t predict a train schedule if it was stapled to their foreheads.

How many?

I’ll tell you how many..too many. And it’s time we ceased regarding them as demi- gods walking on earth. It’s time that light of admiration stops shining in our eyes every time they raise their fists to make a point or simply walk down the streets.

You can respect them, as we should, but worshipping them to the point of sacrificing the validity of our own worth? Naw…

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