Game Foul

It’s not a matter over whether it’s “right” or “wrong” for one side to victimize the other.
This wouldn’t be any better of a place if all things Holy ruled the day, no more than complete  Evil doing the same. With both being unchecked and unchallenged by the other, utter chaos is just about the only definite common outcome.

As far as I’m concerned, a mountain the size of a state could be careening towards us and I seriously doubt any onlookers would shed many, if any, tears-we have become THAT sick.

What it IS a matter of, has to do with rules of a game not being honored.
A matter which concerns a standard of conduct which,
even in the realm of so called lower beasts, demands that there be a grace period for the newly born and very youngest.

Without it..there is no successful rise of and advancement of the mature beings needing to fulfill whatever purposes they were created for in the beginning.
It’s like  being  careless with nests of eggs in a barnyard , on a consistent basis, and still expecting a decently sized population of chickens to exist later.
It’s as stupid as stupid can be.

When our babies can’t even focus their eyesight.
When they aren’t even able to raise those wrinkled stublings of arms.
When their only expressions are coos from what makes them feel good or cries from what makes them feel bad.

We have come to a point of violating the most  common of common senses that exist within and throughout the entire Void.
One simply must not stand and allow , or participate in, the poisoning, destruction and circumvention of newly formed matter.

There will be time enough for any of us to evolve into a thieving and murdering monster or perfect a role involving less upsetting characteristics. Plenty of time.
We’ve been enslaving each other, killing each other and all sorts of nonsense for thousands of years in This Game.
We’ve been learning our lessons and satisfying our individual or collective appetites , right or wrong as victors or victims forever.
Those precious first days, months and years of a human being’s life?
It should be “hands off” and is supposed to be “hands off” from  contamination of hands that had nothing to do with the creation process in the first place.

Science and chemistry concept, DNA molecule with helix strands in the closed hermetic container on blue background
That lovely and winding strand of DNA within our bodies..exists there for a reason.
It’s not as a decorative bracelet. And it most certainly is not the property of some universally substandard primates playing “gods” on this planet ; introducing all sorts of ego inspired devastations to its environment.

Nearly every schoolchild understands DNA’s role as a sort of “set of instructions”. It’s an indefinite thing and no one is guaranteed any promised outcomes due to its existence, certainly.

However, isn’t it stunningly intricate enough and ancient enough to offer a clue to even our most stubborn of “brains” on its “right to exist” unmolested for at least a short amount of time that childhood offers?

We have never been mightier than the Nature we endlessly scratch our hairy heads over.
We will never be mightier. Ever. Goodness knows if we’re even going to survive long enough to finally have a little peace in this thing.

In the have rules.
Choosing to break the smallest window of time a human being is able to simply “get warmed up” before he has to run through this god awful and difficult the worst ‘foul’ I can think of.

pic By Cybrain

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