A Gift You Can Make

Top View Of Christmas Fudge

It’s still true.

It will always be true-that a gift that is made by your hands is a gift that will be appreciated more by most.

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with finances or simply can not afford to buy what you wish you could for the most special in your life, the following link leads to a recipe for making delicious fudge .

This particular one will save you lots of time because it involves using a microwave. It can be modified to be made on the stove if you prefer or don’t have a microwave.

Easy Microwave Fudge


Holiday themed tin containers can be found in most stores like the Dollar Tree, Wal-mart. Often for less than or for around a dollar.

There are  discounted sales of three foot sections of ribbon in the fabric section of most craft stores.

And there you go, Darling..a priceless and pretty present practically for ‘peanuts’.

Add  personal touches like  raisins, nuts or  mini candies. For an extra artsy spin, try substituting dark chocolate chips with ‘white’ baking chips- coloring of the fudge easily made as an option.

photo by Michael Gray

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