Purple Purse, Shmurple Purse

Man dressed as an old woman.theatrical image
A “purple purse” campaign addressing “financial abuse” ….hmm.
Where the perpetrator uses money to punish or intimidate us “poor little” women, eh?

Let’s see…intimidation like…..
..my being stopped from buying items that I picked out for purchase
in a store and being stopped from buying those things?
Even though I am a grown woman.
Even though it is money I earned.
My having to go through the anger and embarrassment of being stopped because a committee of mostly men decided that my purchase MIGHT be a “fraud” so, like a little girl getting her hand slapped away from doing and deciding for herself…the intimidation of that?
Like what happens each day in this country due to the “Red Flag” laws?

Now…about being financially punished…
Like being punished for living with a lover generous enough and kind enough to share with me and help me pay my bills….but getting penalized or losing my personal benefits because of it?

Despite being a grown woman.
Despite doing all one can do to scrape by in this world on her own..with a System breathing down her neck and watching her every god damned move.
Intimidation and punishment like that?

Click to access 2000366-The-Financial-Consequences-of-Marriage-for-Cohabiting-Couples-with-Children%20.pdf

Are you talking about that?

Ya. You kids are going to have to do a bit better in your boogey man campaign of the “purple purse” and such, because it’s incomplete at best and considering how long we’ve lived with a culture of fund raising dramatics on our screens…on “issues that hurt us”, it’s looking childishly ignorant at worst.

Never mind being embarrassingly and progressively more obvious on the

“inviting government into our lives to run our lives’ tip.

Besides, wouldn’t Hell have exploded into a million bits and inside out

if a man had dared issue a blanket statement of

“Every woman” carrying the entirety of her worth and world in a purse??

““Every woman relies on their handbag as home base for all of life’s essentials. ….”



photo By queen21

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