Checking Lists

Don’t forget those closest to you..aside from family and friends.

Giving a gift, handmade present wrapped in paper

The postal workers who bring us the new things and
Those in waste management who collect what we throw away.
The smiling face who cashes our checks at a local currency exchange
Or the shy waitress who has memorized your daily breakfast needs.

“Sacrificing” a carton of smokes, a twelve pack of beer or a trip to the movies..
..can translate into a card placed into an envelope , with some money placed inside and a smile of surprise from another human being pleasantly reminded that true good will still exists..
..without needing to give something back or give something up in return.
Because this is what people used to do and still should do in so-called civil societies..
..without being forced into it, or bullied or shamed into doing so-especially by a System that’s not any better or more generous than any single one of us are.

photo By Photocreo Bednarek

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