Too Early to Diagnose

Portrait of serious one year toddler on the dark background. Close-up view. Copy space

Obtaining a diagnoses of a mental illness for a baby is like stamping a final grade on a story while it’s still in its roughest draft form. Forming an opinion and damning something for the rest of its existence.
Making judgements and making final decisions on scribbled notes, unpolished sentences and incomplete thought fragments.
Any person with a shred of untainted common sense understands  that rough drafts can and do have their kinks worked out to end up as stories far more refined than their earliest stages.
And any fool knows that you can not judge something based on the earliest working over it goes through.
It would be saying that there are no other times to get things right except for the first and only time they’re worked on and then shipped off to be judged.

It’s ridiculous.
And if that’s the case, then I’m sorry, there’s millions of us who need to give back or remove ourselves from the jobs we hold-based on what miserable and clumsy failures we were on the first days.

Even if we’ve since honed our skills in that job for the passed twenty or so years.

Don’t get me started on personal relationships that start out horrible-by that “logic”, over half of us wouldn’t have any friends at all-if not for time spans and intentional efforts to wait, watch and improve things and/or our own selves.
It also goes a wicked and insane step further in eliminating chances, or motivations, for the writers to even change their thoughts as they write.
It’s inhumane. That’s what it is.

We can throw tantrums over getting chickens out of cages for their “comfort”..but we can’t even give enough thought to the possibility of “things working out” for our own human babies?
Is it really too much of a chore to check the legitimacy of the forces behind the diagnosis campaigns and blatant encouragements to experiment on our children?


Is it truly too much to stop this overreaching and pulling aside of our children in schools by “authorities” no more qualified to tell you what’s going on with your child than you are?

Are we seriously that  “OK” with such  blind obedience to  unelected and unchallenged authoritarian entities?

The following link points to a report that is THIRTEEN years old.

After you read it, I want you to think exactly how far this situation has actually progressed since then.

Then, I need us (especially the newest generation of parents who have evolved since that report) to ask whether….

We’re currently thinking with common sense or not .

We  wish to protect our children or not.

There’s been enough damage that’s been done to them, out of our control and without our permissions already, without needing to voluntarily walk them into more.

photo by Olga

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