What About This Incitememnt?


You remember this human being, Mark Basseley Youssef, right?
The human being who was sent to prison for a VIDEO.
The entire world of media was spouting opinions  re: the issue of free speech and POTENTIAL inciting of violence.

That Man, Mark Basseley Youssef ..one of the many humans that this society doesn’t think worthy of “trending” or paying attention to.

What about this man? Hm? If it’s proven his story is a hoax?

‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Source Says

Can you imagine?
The angry fuming and finger pointing friends who barked at and fought with  friends over how it proves how “racism” still exists-as if it was still 1920 in the deep South, raining “strange fruit” all day and night long. Yelling his point at a friend with his or her head down in anger or shame.

The shame stemming from feeling stupid or for not seeing…something that hasn’t existed for a merciful while now.

The anger from frustration because  if one case of beasts DID do such a horrible (and weirdly overt considering the multitude of cameras known to be around) thing, it still does not prove that this massively rumored  institutional nor majority tolerated racism still exists.

Some may be, like myself, angry along the lines of
dear god in heaven, how many times do you have to be reminded that horrific and beastly crimes are happening to each and every shade of skin color that exists…every day?!
If it were confirmed as a hoax, the tables would be turned, the fuming would  now done by the victims who were jumped on and bullied by those who had used this single case “proving cause” for  uncivil actions and/or the continued spreading of twisted socio-political myths.
People  may have lost jobs because of fights over this. Marriages ripped apart, because of differences of opinion and unknown damage which possibly followed.


It is staggering thinking on the volume of damage that probably exploded
out amongst the citizens….as The Media sounded off on different sides but shared the same goal of beating the racial straw man to death..the one that doesn’t have the decency to actually die.
As if something massive, cruel and ugly keeps dumping its fetid heap in our front yard..and keeps walking away.

It also brings to mind something massive, cruel and ugly chortling in private. I think of its hunched shoulders shaking with laughter over how we keep losing our ever-loving heads and keep attacking each other…while ‘allowing’ other human beings to live in unjust misery.
Not because of confirmed evidence.
Not even with the confidence of the average person being capable of logical and level headed reasoning….
But simply on the power of mere words.
(How much fun it truly must be, humiliating as it is, to watch our owl eyed naivete in play-especially with how “cute” we must seem with our talking tough. On and on about how “proud” we are and how “strong” we are. ..childishly trusting, unaware, and in denial , that actions and reactions can be manipulated so effectively.) 

It brings me back to my original question- boomeranged towards the question of “fair and equal” justice of two different individuals engaging in similar activities resulting in different outcomes for each.

It’s about one human being suffering a cruel punishment. One that was angrily encouraged by Western “authorities” pounding fists into palms over the cessation of “incitements to violence”.

It’s about if The System (hoax confirmed) is going to bare the brass marbles, again, to openly express  favoritism by either cheerleading or censoring us into different teams..without most of us understanding nor caring.

art by Adrian Hillman

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