A Little Sawdust

Explosion of sawdust on black background.
I know , I know..whoa.
the floor is a little slippery.
With all the greasepaint melting off
under these hot and unbearable lights
dripping onto the stage in puddles.
Alll of us trying to move like
we think others want to see us.
As if they need to see us at all.
Instead of sticking to the part assigned to us
from scripts perfectly aligned to us.
Slipping. Falling. Breaking face.
if you want to know how not to fall
throw a little sawdust down.
That’s all.
Like the old timers knew , the stuff’s better than glue.
Some scooped out of old movies
or tapped out from a book.
Throw it down, take a step,

then a look..

photo EdwardSamuel

poem Ramsy


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