Pain and ABLE

Before parents decide to get their child diagnosed for certain conditions, I have a wish list of things I pray that they think of.
Before they take the child in or are informed by the school that he or she was “evaluated” and enter into that entire
Labeling your child as Mentally Unfit for the rest of life

I’m only writing down one off of that supposed wish list.

I want them to envision a time in the future where their adult child isn’t so happy with them.
Let’s say….right after running into yet another strip club, or movie theater. or restaurant that would not honor his debit card for service.
Because none of those services are allowed to be purchased through the debit card that is attached to the only bank account he is allowed.

Even though he’s a middle aged man.
Who can feed himself. Fix his car. And can work a job-even though the money..
HE as a MAN earns..will be in control of other men’s hands.
And damned be the horrors of this injustice if he served time in the military, getting shot at. Being good enough for that but not to manage his own
Personal Life.
Or his own money.

This thing called “ABLE”.

Read it for yourself


My lord, do I pray parents think really, really hard about that one.
Heaven help them if they do not or can not read between these lines and continue blindly trusting those who make laws upon our lives without our say.

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