Go Ask Germany

There is no reason to continue trying to convince people of information many of us know but are actively being prevented from sharing.
No reason-not anymore.

I say this because it’s like being in a traditional family unit.

There are several siblings, Mommy, Daddy..maybe a whiskered and sleeping Nana in the back somewhere.

Let’s say you stumbled upon Mommy one night in the kitchen. Let’s continue by saying that Mommy has her arm tied up and is about to inject heroin into her veins right in front of your horrified and widening eyes. It’s news you would not only be alarmed over but also compelled to inform your siblings about.
The next morning you do tell your siblings. Imagine that none of them believe you. One of them even threatens to punch your lights out if you keep saying such a thing. You say all you can and you do all you can to prove that this horrible and destructive disease has Mommy in its grips.
But you fail.
You and your broken heart have failed and no matter how many signs exist that she’s not working up to par, how many times she falls asleep in her soup..your siblings continue to make excuses and become more disdainful to you-up to and including that brother who does indeed end up taking a swing at your face.

Sometimes, we simply have to accept that Mommy will always be the “sainted angel” in the eyes of our siblings and there’s nothing that can be said to change that. Sadly, the truth will only be acknowledged on the day Mommy is found, dead, with a needle stuck in her arm.
And yes…you will be hearing from a hysterical sibling, at that time, crying and filled with fury over “why no one did anything” about the very danger you wasted years trying to get everyone to see.

The name of the game is defense now.

As much as the young and gullible are shouting into our faces about our “obligation” to treat all humans with respect and dignity…..the spittle landing on our face from the hate and indignation means that they have no idea of what they’re doing or simply out in a left field so far out that insanity and sanity both mean the same thing.

We need to defend ourselves and we need to open our mouths. I don’t mean like stunned fish opening and closing their mouths for oxygen, because we were sideswiped by a question  to which we have no ready nor short answer for.

I do not care how many news programs, online journals and politicians declare your stupidity…wipe your pages…and kill your accounts.
When you are face to face with an indignant young adult or a sneering old hag cutting you down with quickfire words-obviously washed in by endless sources repeating the same lines-it is of utmost priority that you be ready with a retort equally, if not preferably better.

Laws will be passed by criminals and punishments will be doled out by enemies. This is a sad and sour fact that has dogged every society since the dawn of historic time.

However, as long as you have a family to protect and as long as you wish to maintain peace in your life you need to shake off and neutralize the pestersome abusers who will find you along the way.

Prime example= those who haughtily, mockingly, angrily and threateningly demand you to justify putting their lives at risk by your refusal to trust vaccines. The ones who demand to know what the alternative is if we “can’t” vaccinate.

There can be an automatic reply that will no longer leave you flat footed, dear sibling. I invite you to use it as you wish.
You’re welcome to substitute with different historical examples, mold it as you wish and adjust it to the tone which best suits you.

An answer to “Then how do you propose we safeguard our children against….bla…bla..without vaccinations?”

I don’t know. How does anyone go on with their life when everything is being run and forced away by an enemy’s hands? Like a wife being raped by a husband that the entire neighborhood views as charming and beneficient-all bravado suggested looks good on paper but when she has to deal with he who holds the money, and most likely the one she loves, well..
Plus, you’re demanding a simple answer to a question you adamantly refuse to research (I guess because you know everything) and that abusive and major powers are stopping us from putting out there.
Why don’t you go ask Germany, hm?
Why not unhitch that high and mighty ass off of your shoulders and find some magical way to ask the whole of Germany which was dying and begging on its knees after near complete destruction after WW1.
The same country that could finally get up on its feet thanks to the initiatives and plans that Hitler put into place for the nation. When there were dead and dying starved babies in the streets because jobs were few and the entire nation was wrecked.
How were they supposed to stop their people from dying in the streets, be able to create employment and stand up on their feet again if they were to stop the very evil forces which saved them?
Go ask them.
Ask them how many of them would have traded food in their children’s mouths in exchange for sparing the Jews being beaten in broad daylight.
Why don’t you use that second hand intellect of yours to imagine the response of the majority if they had been approached to “do something” about the pre-camp murders and publicly witnessed crimes…knowing full well that their own families would be in danger or destroyed as a result of daring to do so.
Ahh.. but you would be singing a high and mighty “otherwise” wouldn’t you? I know you would because all of America has after watching films like “Shindler’s List” and dabbing their wet eyes in heartbroken horror over “how in God’s name no one had the courage to do something”.
You’d be huffing and gaffuffing about “sanctity of life” and all that jazz wouldn’t you? I know you would.
So , don’t jump on me, try to make a fool out of me, for trying to protect my children and other lives. As you holler and hop up and down on your sanctimonious haunches about “what’s right” and whose “scientific evidence” stands up to what.
We HAVE evidence that gets wiped away and drowned out by you and the masses every day.
You take your cues from a carnival of “news” outlets, a foreign healthcare monopoly and the vacant grins of approval from your next door neighbor to validate you.
…while the unfortunate rest of us watched the light in our children’s eyes and their abilities get flushed down the god damned drains ..while watching unexplained twenty years of federal and international laws get set in stone intended for the “coincidental” explosion of developmentally disabled that we have now.
Never mind the hours of research we struggled through..after running into a truth so devastating and so cruel that you would have to be an idiot to think we accepted it without intensive and careful research..praying we were wrong the entire way.
I don’t have an answer to your harassment..but until you can answer MY question over what to do, you need to give me the respect that I’m obviously giving you by spending my breath on you, simply for the sake of getting you to leave me alone.
Because frankly, you and your type, with your abusive and sarcastic poisons…if things do go down..are the very last sort I would even consider wanting to have safe by my side.
And…there you go.

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