Hey.. Mystery Proof, Way to Go!

Red Pen

I did a spittake.
My eyes widened just a smidge and in the middle of supping on my soup..I did a mini spittake after reading something I thought I had read before.

If both of the loyal readers who actually visit my site on a monthly basis wish to know what the belly tickler was…here, I’ll oblige.
But, first….

I must say, never in my entire hobbyist history of researching old documents  have I ever seen a decades old declassified “original” report undergo a make-over such as this.

1-The brand new and shiny Remix…Yay

Microsoft Edge 5_4_2019 9_54_29 PM

2-The original “meanie” formerly top secret document -boooo

(which I tried posting and it got wiped anyway along the way.)


It’s got the word “Classified” and everything all throughout the thing. And that original “…must hide tracks” section? Gone.

I am impressed, boy and howdy am I ever. If I’m not mistaken, it’s even got some new extensions.

I must admit I’m not qualified to understand why in the world anyone would have taken the time to re-do what had already been done twenty some years ago…but it sure looks more thoroughly defined.
And gee whiz, call me crazy but there were a couple of times I wondered (since it looks so much better now) why it was kept secret in the first place; the author being so kind as to better explain the necessity of population control to avoid the global crises concerns of the day.

Wow, what a conscientious and dedicated pal this Mystery Proof must be.
Never mind super duper smart and all.

Hey..maybe he could do Us a favor regarding a rather distasteful slight in one of our more domestic documents, eh? The one with the four or five pages of what looks like pornographic adlibs in the body of an EO re Court Martials.
This thing here. The section right before the section addressing  obscenity.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It could have been re-done already I haven’t checked it lately.
Not that there’s much need to. America’s too busy getting a fresh round of botox (or butt fat) injected into its face or counting the days until the ED meds can be refilled to bother reading such tediousness.
But I personally think it would be nice.
You know, for a future generation who may have a keener interest in reading how their honorable forefathers of this age expressed themselves.
With the reputations of dignity and honorable behaviors being a “thing” usually associated with important papers such as these..if it could be shrunk down to the same average length of the other examples (around a third to half of a page) there could be less of a burden of red cheeks and raw shame down the road.
Just an idea.

Good job, Mystery Proof..way to go.

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