Low Manners in High Places

rich and poor

Its embarrassing.

Watching public politicians spill their guts about their personal lives and/or families. Again.

I just heard one tell a roomful of people of what a drunk her father was.

I’m sure he’s either dead or at least she has her family’s blessing to air that particular bit of once considered “dirty” laundry. But for the love of life, there’s no reason to engage in this exposing sort of behavior. Not anymore.

Maybe, thirty years ago the bobble heads could have somberly bobbed over it being “a private pain everyone can share, therefore overcome the stigma “ kind of deal because it wasn’t a social norm to admit such things. But not now.

Now, there’s countless numbers of confessional videos of embarrassing addiction stories being shared and ogled over. It’s a miracle to not run into a person saturated with and touched by generic dysfunction.

It tells more about someone then others need to know.

Within seconds, secret judgements form in peoples minds. Especially with formerly dedicated drunks (like myself) and currently employed ones.
It brings visions of belligerent fights, beastly behaviors and soiled bedclothes to the mind’s eye.

It brings snickers or silent confirmations to  others who now tie her washed out and hollow look , under the thick make-up, to an assumed drinking problem of her own.

I’m not saying it’s true. I’m saying it’s an unfortunate assumption of character that can and will be made by a highly critical majority. A majority public sorely lacking in logical and critical thinking skills.

There aren’t standards of dignity nor intelligence expected for politicians anymore, I know this. In order to keep the dance going with the morbidly obese gorilla in the room (of our constitution having been shredded), the least savvy heads we have being elected , the better.

The massive installation of rock bottom standards can hardly be considered a secret as we see it reflected in how our youth conduct themselves and in the living of their lives. If it wasn’t so destructive it would be a laughable exaggeration-it’s so prevalent.

However, as a matter of dignity and maintaining control over how people perceive us overall (as a high profile politician or school teacher) we have to keep a tighter game in place.

To continue executing traditionally expensive and coached body language tips yet topping it off with open invitations into our unmade bedrooms..is what the ruling classes used to (and still do) consider a sort of schizophrenic lack of etiquette typical of “low born” folk.

It’s long passed time we started proving that we’re better than this; that we’re not all hopeless “hick homo sapiens” who can’t help themselves out of poor behaviors.
It’s way passed time we stop putting ourselves out there to be mocked behind our backs while the higher ups smile and encourage our children to do the same-proving them right, time after tedious time, on how we “can’t behave well enough to run our own lives”.

It’s one thing I pray this youngest generation is allowed to rediscover when (if) this ship gets turned right side up again.

People can only paint a picture of you with the colors they are given. It serves no one any good at all to voluntarily donate the less flattering colors into the hands of those so painfully unskilled at painting in the first place.

It’s not a fair thing to have happen and nor is it the smartest thing to do when so much is invested in manufacturing “best impressions”.
One may as well ditch the two hundred dollar haircuts and expensive suits for much cheaper pair of torn denims and old hippie sandals if that was the case.

photo By erllre

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