The True and Ignored Constitutional Crisis

I’m glad I heard this verbalized concern over a “constitutional” crisis.
Only because it verifies, from a “horse’s” mouth, that the Constitution is something we’re expected to abide by.
The rest of what was said…can be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the juvenile rot.

I don’t know where the raw nerve came from, prompting this performance in the urgent manner with which it was announced.

I do know, however, for her or any of her narcissitic colleagues to stand by and allow private companies to boldly and blatantly rip our free speech away from Us is a foul and bitter reminder.
One of several where they have demonstrated that the Constitution does not mean a thing; except when the high lords and ladies wish for it to for their convenience, not for our lives.

From the nasty and rude way they shoved the long schemed healthcare plan (also against the Constitution) down our throats while grinning through their teeth and admitting not reading it…….
to judicially raping us from additional RIGHTS in many other orders passed in the style of Monarchy..not through the processes of legal American Law according to our Constitution;the only jobs these people had to do.

Allegedly sealed by  public oaths that were supposed to mean something.
In front of our faces.

There’s no need to engage in lengthy and childish debates over “private companies being free to do as they wish”.

The government can command any private industry to heel on account of millions of people relying upon the services or any other reasons.
When single mothers lose their livelihood because their sites were closed, men get fired (or not hired) for mere opinions on their pages and such….it would be hard to argue the relevance of a global platform serving billions. Especially with all of them acting as One with singular opinions shared and identical threats and enforcements.

For her to actually perform this insulting and dramatic “call to reaction” while using the word “Constitution” is an unforgiveable slight.
For her to do so with such confidence, as if we were so  learning disabled that we wouldn’t know better or that we would take this announcement seriously…it introduces a disturbing picture of her being as mentally unstable as her exaggerated and widened eyeballs often suggest.

Stomach turning as it is watching these politicians, while the media puckers up to fulfill its obligation to glorify and broadcast their noises..
For each representative and senator who stands by and participates in the blatant deceptions, insults and forceful behaviors….for as long as the years run ….there will remain records and evidence of them doing so willingly.

If nothing else, may we remind our children of that fact , for as long as they are still blessed with being able to understand.

Despite the enslavement and various assaults they will have to endure , the least we can leave them with is knowing that they are not insignificant animals who deserve open humiliation and insult from those who insist upon being seen as ” more important”.

Our children may be forced to obey laws, but my god, they do not need to have their noses rubbed into it, being insulted like brainless fools via announcements that serve to do nothing but bring additional aggravation, confusion and false hope.
Most certainly not by an order of humans so self aggrandizing and delusional that even the least educated amongst us regard them as buffoons.

May we make sure to teach our children the nature of these records- such as this despicable video of this woman saying what she says.
They need to understand that these “urgent messages” are an obvious mockery of our once protected Constitution, due to the fact that all of the social online corporations are being allowed to punish and deprive citizens of THE most important Constitutionally protected Bill of Right…which she and the rest of them were OBLIGATED by oath to protect and for which there existed precedent to do so, “private” or “not”.

The blood shed by our fathers and grandfathers guaranteed that our children wouldn’t have to beg or plead for that.

Not to have word games played over it by rich cowards who look away, laugh at us, treat us like dirt and pretend they don’t know what we’re talking about when we try to remind them of that fact.


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