Loving Clowns

Pierrot Lunaire

I suspect that the hearts of clowns bear the heaviest and deepest
scars in matters of loving and trying to love.
Born to be laughed at, be it due to how funny they can look and how funny they can act.
Despite their sorrows and wishes being carelessly tossed aside
and the ridicule continuing long after they leave the stage…how very much the hearts of clowns must surely suffer in the darkness, at the hands of ..

..so many other clowns.
However, I also suspect that the very nature which can encourage these woes
is the same which helps keep their smiles shining bright enough
to eventually beckon their truer loves home out of this darkness.
I don’t know.
Every fiber of my being surely hopes so.

The music is from my most favored love story “In the Mood for Love” and I couldn’t resist marrying it to a story of these darling clowns.

Thanks for taking the time.

photo By vali_111

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