Dear Mentally Unstable History Revisionists of the Media

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I usually don’t risk so-called “spoiler alerts”.

I won’t give much thought to nor apology for this barely- a- spoiler I’m about to lay down regarding the new “historical” serial titled the “Spanish Princess”-re Catherine of Aragon.
I will not because the section I mention  is an out and out lie, insult and yet another foul and worrisome example of the mental illness which has grabbed the media industry by its ridiculous throat.

Within the opening first minute, when the narrator introduces a supposed “Queen Isabella” it is in a scene with a smirking, dirty and manly female in full soldier’s armor, threateningly placing her sword against an alleged conquered foe’s chest.

You insane and stubborn robots of this insane and propagandist dark age of ours.

How dare you continue to the limits that you do in your revising of the images of history and blatantly deceiving our young girls in all matters of gender representation?

It is bad enough that you have twisted the real issues of violence against females in general into warped political fodder. Especially since a good portion of you must surely know it is simply to assist eugenicists and population control megalomaniacs in “squaring the field” to reduce birth rates amongst the “undesirables” addressing the long dreamt of problem of “ how to change male and female roles”.

You have done your idiotic best in all fields of media…and we can’t look anywhere these days without being reminded of how “well” you have done. For starters.
With the resentment you stir amongst our young males with the outright bashing and constant stamping into the dirt, you give not one common sense minute of thought to the increased violence against young women that you truly are risking with this tactic.

Young women , not knowing better, who will be and are being led into a false sense of “strength” and overall physical “whooping ass badness”, who will unfortunately find themselves hurt in retaliation for believing they can (and should) pick fights with male human beings; males pushed beyond their tolerances for this unchallenged and disgusting abuse (like any human being would)-males WHICH NATURE DICTATES ARE SIGNIFICANTLY PHYSICALLY STRONGER than the average female human beings.

But this? This clownish and hard to believe nonsense, where you completely cheapen the true historical value of what a strong woman of that era and position could accomplish (as Isabella did) by jamming in your “GI Jane” warrior type imagery in over it….is beyond reason.

It’s in perfect line with your depictions of foul mouthed mothers who complain about raising children, five foot nothing female cops punching and dropkicking full grown male criminals and the sexually hopped up female “predator” who rolls over in the morning to coolly tell the man he needs to disappear with the sun. That’s for sure.
But this is a brazen and unforgiveable rewriting of a real historical figure. Worse still, a steep and stubborn misrepresentation of a capable female nature…that needs no damned revising in the first place.

I’m sure if the smug cowards who control the content of our media were seriously pushed to explain this, a few of them would sarcastically claim that “it was only a soldier in Isabella’s charge”. Or bark back with this fast-becoming lame battle cry of “me too!” and “equality now” hoping to distract or shame us with bullying intimidation. We can still see, since we do have eyeballs at our head’s disposal..a female figure in a time and place there were no female knights-let alone some rough and ready Queen.
For we’ve been played for a society of fools and gullible children to be shouted down for a good time now.
But we are all not always going to remain…either fools nor backing down.

If not with this absurdity then with many absurdities to come. For you will not slow this down anytime soon and lack the common sense to know or care how foolish you look.
For you obviously have no intention to draw any limits and fail to realize how ridiculous all of you are in your eagerness to lick the boots of entities that would rather “your lowly kind”…with the rest of us…vanish off the face of “their” earth after soaking you for your “talents”.
Shame on the insane lot of you.

For the truth, my daughters may read about Queen Isabella here

Queen Isabella of Castile, Mother of Spain

And for the undiscussed and underappreciated women who actually donned uniforms to fight in battles, for a country whose original ideals have been torn apart by the propogandist pigs on our very own Animal Farm, come learn a few things here.
Something my daughters should be aware of since other pigs on our farm have seen fit to spit on these women’s sacrifices by tearing down the only monuments that helped honor them – under the guise of “racial sensitivity’…when it’s sheer social barbarism.

Photo By WavebreakmediaMicro

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