I will Celebrate This Day Again When..


I will celebrate Fourth of July again when…..

We no longer have to tolerate our sons undergoing  cruel and unusual punishment for their natural sex drives and suffering life sentences once only given to rapists.
(included is one more article as a reminder of how this sick “justice” is affecting our international siblings)

While major Media saturates our screens with depictions of pornographic teen  sex unchallenged. Saturating their bottom lines with easy profit in the name of hypocritical conditioning and propaganda.
(Never mind the tight shots of blood, busted heads, vomit and feces intermixed and proudly interjected by the pigs on our Animal Farm.)

..when we have the system back in place which Fourth of July was originally honored; as a country for which countless men sacrificed their lives believing this would secure freedom for us…rights and laws which have ALL been eliminated.
..when this pile of vile horsesh*t from the United Nations is no longer the Law of the Land that we now abuse our men by. A strategized and implemented altar which hundreds of nations sacrifice their citizens lives upon.

(Or more crudely stated…when  rude and  old hags with scrotum textured necks and expensive suits aren’t dispensing out worse insults than the one just placed, to publicly declare that “we’re too stupid to understand” the laws being forced upon us..with juvenile nerve to punctuate that we’ll see the laws “when we see them”. )
.. when elected officials stop harboring psychotic style notions re their purpose/importance to an audience they think they are impressing, open their eyes and finally exercise the power they actually DO have…other than one to a few who actually bothered to present THE bill that would actually halt this dire and god damned lunacy.

Bill introduced to get U.S. out of United Nations

..when willing participants/pawns like teachers, doctors, administrators, bookkeepers and all of those who have near blindly followed years of criminal instructions for decades…when they finally utilize their spines and realize that their cowardly fears of being murdered or ruined don’t mean anything when life has already been made not worth living for far too many…and will only get worse under the “soft tyranny” of equally insane and equally apathetic future wardens of our imprisonment.

When we understand that these so-called “women’s rights” and so-called “discrimination ”issues-(the planned and pushed female affirmative actions…the male bashing…the lies told to our young of what is “natural”)….are nothing but part of a long held and long executed strategy in population control. And when we understand that “global health”(as they stated) was not for the care of illnesses or relevant matters…but to change the types of humans we are and to take the way we live our lives out of our control.

As they led us into “progressive” cheerleading for “free health care” and making it appear as if current “heroes” were “finally caring for the little people”…what was so difficult for somebody , somewhere informing us that this was strictly and solely a United Nations plan since 1974, if not earlier?

Click to access WPR_RC032_GlobalStrategy_1981_en.pdf

By the dates alone, anyone with bread and butter reasoning skills can see that us believing that “we” voted for or had anything to do with bringing about all of what is in place today…is sadly misled and mistaken.

Moreover, anyone with plain bread (no butter) reasoning and memory will recognize that by the 70s and 80s any talk of “missing or lacking “ rights in either category of race and sex would find it ridiculous. We have had all of our rights in place. We fought decades for them.
To even entertain that we needed outside authority to go further and secure rights for lives we choose to live as we wish , in our own country..is pure insult. We most certainly do not need foreign powers shoving or sneaking their way into our private lives without our invitation..who waste four decades putting on false smiles and spinning words like “choice”, “rights” and “help” in a country whose reputation was broadly known and broadly praised as being THE country where many escaped to secure their own freedoms.

The lack of sense that declares is absolutely boggling to say the least.

No matter what back and forth games are played out in the open or “tempers flared” by bi-partisan officials re our lives, the demands and laws of the United Nations is what they are obligated to implement-not what our Constitution states.
No matter how many times they use the word “constitutional crises” in our junkyard “news” media-the only constitutional crisis that exists in truth, for us, is that nearly all of our original rights and Constitutional privileges have been wiped clean from our lives…with elected states people going on as if nothing of the sort happened.

As if we are truly and unquestionably already so infected by lack of intelligent awareness that their silence and discretion has turned into blatant and verbalized rudeness and verbal abuse directed towards us.


These “bi-partisan debates”-
HAVE ALREADY BEEN DECIDED by one government..and not the one we’re grilling burgers for today.



Even one small example is available for those women out there whose jaws dropped and rage flashed over this recent reversal of “abortion rights”….discussed a long while ago by megalomaniacal individuals who obviously summon and dismiss the tides as they wish.

A matter of concern, not for women to decide, but for those who claim “ownership ” of them.


It’s hard to reconcile decades of hard work and protests when these are issues dealt with more like dials to turn to a group of masters’ satisfaction, for purposes we are not allowed to be aware of..rather than any “real” wants and needs we’re entitled to have say in..aside from being complete and utter pawns.

Worse, for me, is having lived through this time where woman were doing as they wished and being openly encouraged  through “women’s movement” choices. However, it may be a jolting experience to read of strategists agonizing how the choices weren’t squaring up in the “right ways” or quick enough; the pages and annual meetings discussing women like scientific things needing tweaking…and them being the “Gods” with the rights to do that very thing.


To absorb that arrogance which causes them to express dissatisfaction and determination to change what we won’t do whether we want to or not-it’s surreal.


I must admit, from one of many conferences through the years,  the US did have the Constitution in mind once, concerning the affirmative action of women to fill more positions of power, getting them out of the house and herding us into traditionally male dominated positions.


But decades later, looking around at  the frequently tolerated male bashing and the steep increase in female college graduation rates, along with women now in more positions of power all around…one can safely say that no considerable final damns were given about it.


Between the lies and gross slanders being done, young women  being socially militarized over men’s “violent and objectifying natures” and with the media distortions of the “he man” female, yes, it was accomplished and then some.
We’ve become so weak under the influence of the UN, (as mentioned at the top of my post) we are standing silent as tools of destruction ruin or boys’ futures- like scythes being dragged through their futures…

their happiness….dignities…reputations…

..as if we didn’t  love them enough to risk lousy online social page bans or to face verbal attacks from packs of nobodies  to speak out against these destructions of our son’s lives with the weight of an entire world and community  regarding as rapists…solely on the “discrimination” fires lit and bullying done by a United Nations (and associated organizations) which has YET to exist as the public was promised it would exist.

..as if we were too stupid to understand our own fundamental and private basics of being a woman and being a man…which includes a natural sex drive…for which these boys are punished for  with  deep, irreversible and devastating reputations branded on them.

Not even enough to collectively speak up and tell the teachers to mind their own damned businesses when it comes time for a meeting “addressing concerns of Jimmy having autism” and the probing questions asked of Jimmy’s private home life…by strangers.

That infringement by itself brings tears to my eyes as a mother. Never mind the countless other disasters these “people” have wrought on various countries…going on in and around seventy plus years.

It has to do with the power of less than hundreds of people strong-arming control over billions of others.
Because we are nothing but numbers to them in their ongoing arrogance.
Mindless pets and slaves.
Laughable causalities in the boldest “restructuring of the human being” that not even the best science fiction writers could have imagined completely.

Sorry to say, I have very little hope on us setting this ship upright.

It seems that we’re too busy in our Pilates classes, getting tattoos and swiping either left or right into one base encounter after an undignified other.
We’re too busy bitching and moaning about anti-vaxxers but too damned lazy to simply research the obvious side effects of mercury poisoning or too scared to demand our rights to the true information that social sites and politicians have slapped us into silence over….for the unforgiveable sin of trying to protect our children.
As if we don’t give one  rat’s ass about sentencing the child that we’re supposed to love to several decades of life as a helpless and physically hampered outcast. Even if he truly  isn’t, then being lumbered with the label of “being helpless” and fighting off laws that treat him as if he is and people who disrespect him for the same reason.
Ya..life is just dandy…nothing wrong here, is there?

..when ONE influential official.. who isn’t cowardly, greedy, stupid or plain evil …can stand strong enough and speak clear enough to yank us out of this god damned hysterical blindness that we’re suffering-  standing, shocked and confused, in a line outside of gas chambers that have suffocated millions of lives already spent and ready to destroy and/or enslave millions unborn….
..maybe then, I will pick up a hot dog at a picnic to salute this currently spoiled day.

..when the insane criminality being done in front of our faces is done and over -with the United Nations in our rear view mirror like a bad, bitterly mourned and shameful historic dream that was nothing but a nightmare spanning several decades.
Then I will wipe away the tears and find a smile again…for what was supposed to be the celebration of the birth of our once sovereign nation.

The following link is a documentary “Three Identical Strangers”

(warning=I’m disclosing a spoiler within the next two sentences regarding this documentary’s content)
In it you can find mention of a rude and unethical  genetics experiment at Stanford that we  aren’t allowed to get our dirty little eyes on until 2060.
In other words..when all lab monkeys are probably all dead.

And their offspring barely capable of understanding the intensity and criminality of what damage was done to their family-possibly for generations to come.


It’s just one of the many advantages taken of us, as if we’re less than nothing.

It’s something worth mentioning if one were still  unable to fathom the “unbelievable” facts of what kind of people could actually invest such time and suffer zero conscience deceiving and manipulating us…in such ways ,on a worldwide basis, not just America.


..when we remember who the hell We are and cease taking the highest  risks with most devastating consequences ..and stop walking around sharing delusions over how we are much more loving and vastly more intelligent than we are acting……

that is when I’ll celebrate July 4th again.

In the meantime, I guess it’s shrugs all around and drunken patriotic chest thumping all day.
In a land of the least deserving cowards that our forefathers could have ever spilled blood for, in the battles of a “war for our independence” which inspired this celebrated acknowledgement in the first place.

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