Tsk, Tsk, Darlings

Portrait of a confused young casual shrugging shoulders

Sorry guys.

re “Crises over Wikipedia editing community”

When it is decided it is ok to allow “moralistic” decisions (as if a God) in SOME matters with high handed moral authority-even in matters of so called “suicide”, “violence” , “discrimination” etc…the door is left WIDE open (kicked down) for ALL matters being decided according to whatever “majority brain” decides is “right”.

Four words, my siblings…” Live sword…Die sword
Or…”..good luck bandaging this hand that has been bitten..


The framers of our Bill of Rights and the  earliest legislation we were blessed at a chance of having ..
(think about that for a minute)
…by the “old and irrelevant” Constitution, they were not cave men.

Nor where they jack-in-the box philosophers who hustled together hundreds of pages together with long winded, OCD tinged lawyer speak meant to exhaust the average Joe away from critical truths.
Believe it or not, they were more on our side than the younger generation of misled adults will probably ever be allowed to know.

I don’t care if they all were alleged devil worshipping Masonic cultists with secret agendas. Something I ,now, highly suspect as an exaggerated distraction directed at the last two generations of school children/victims/slaves.
Come on now.

We don’t exactly have Dora the Explorer and Pippi Longstocking at the wheel at present time.

The point is as the point always was…NO CENSORSHIP. PERIOD.

We’ve been led by our wet and baby soft noses into buying some “idealist” rubbish of a better world if we police what words come out of people’s mouths and try to stem “potential” harms.

Darlings…these are things grown adults only believe in order to raise and direct a society of little children or these are things that only young children could possibly and truly believe in..before they grow up and live in the actual world.

For time “eternal” it has been known that Man is Man is Man. The nature of man is like a beast with a beautiful potential for being more divine.
The more beastly and narcissistic he is (she too) the more he will take and bully others into what he and he alone wants-A black and white hell.
The more divine he is there follows a humility and wisdom where man understands and respects other human beings to not strong arm one another as if we do not matter- A grayscale salvation.

Nothing will change from the course that’s been set…because we’ve been duped into evolving into too soft of an idealist nursery..on purpose by hard bitten and (whew) heartless entities.
Entities who will continue to look at our mouths stretched open in shock and continue to beat the ever-loving lights out of us. Smirking.

And they won’t listen to any of us who participated (on any degree) in strong-arming those voiceless millions who were also shut down and left for dead. Because we’ll simply be mocked for the crybaby (not my words, their obvious actions) hypocrites who were naïve enough to think censorship of “responsible” degree could have possibly had a “limit.”

It’s a rude awakening…but that’s what many of us have been frantically ringing alarms about…and getting smacked and punished for , on cue from our “massas”, by the betrayal of our neighbors, family and friends.

And now.. it’s too late, as the frustrated voices in the above article will have to live with.

Proving once again that we’ve never matured to the necessary point of handling our business for the “greater good” without sole focus on selfish benefit or cowardly fears.

photo By Drobot Dean

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