Black Factory Tempo

Vintage metronome, on a dark background.

“Me ,never thee”
“Me, never thee”
The clinking and clanking upon rickety
rails carrying cargo of those born sans a heart,
where the soulless arrive and the forlorn depart.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
From the hollowed-out chests there beats nothing..
You see.
Though there stirs a vibration-a hypnotic thrum
as they tap the stressed flesh of our skin on the drum.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
Crashing and booms of dark machinery.
From mechanical hands of automaton trolls
to hooked tips of their noses where beads of sweat roll..
to dangle like tears freshly squeezed from dry eyes.
Yet the fact they keep grinning…
shouldn’t come as surprise.

“Me, never thee”
“Me, never thee”
Sounds the bell
in the hell of this black factory.

by Ramsy

photo by kkolosov


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