A Petition Worth Writing

Sad little boy being hugged by his mother at home. Parenthood, Love and togetherness concept.

I suspect that the link at the end of this post is a “clever” way to get our people to “accept” the overhaul of some universal judicial system, as was mentioned by the “mysterious” messages carved into the dreadful Georgia Guidestones in 1980.


Considering how our voices have been muted to the laws, politicians and the world of “authorities” in general, the issue of our men and boys being socially brutalized onto sex offender lists without challenge nor the protections “we as a people” once upon a time had…
I would crawl my nude, wretched and fat carcass across broken glass to the devil…if I thought it would help our brothers and sons in any way towards getting rid of or drastically alleviating this blatant injustice against them.

For this is the way in wars; sometimes a glimmer of hope for negotiations opens.

The very worst that could happen is a continuance of the issue and a few more snickers snickered from the dark corners.

It’s better than not trying at all. They are our children, after all.
I pray we can remember that.

photo By Siam

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