My Liquid Moon Mistake


A few folks may smirk at the notion that these were purposefully intended to look like water.

Liquid Moons


They may suspect my choice of naming them thusly is more likely an attempt to cover-up poor resin mixing skills than anything else.

My response to that..would be an affirmative nod of my head and a silent salute of respect for the skills of deduction that Mankind is capable of. Still.

HOWEVER, another beautiful reminder comes to mind. On the capacity for forgiveness that Mankind has. Still.

With that forgiveness, I would explain that the first models were definitely marred from earlier ratio mixing mistakes. I would explain how I loved the texture which resulted.

Then, I’d explain how the rest were purposefully worked into moons dripping, made up of nothing but water; the fantasies of water planets having always been a favored part of my imagination since childhood.

I ended up with something better (for my enjoyment) than the originally intended project.

(Even on that final note, I found two more reminders waiting:

a-the necessity for mankind to be allowed to make mistakes

b- how nothing beats the magic of fixing one’s own mistakes to foster determination for improvement and encourage growth.

I liken it to someone learning techniques she never knew before she started trying to fix a vase she may have dropped. Or someone refashioning the remaining fragments into a more interesting vase after his attempts at repair. 

It’s priceless opportunity

Not with outside others throwing in extra  ceramics- forcing issues because things aren’t being learned fast enough for the outside others’ all mighty satisfaction.

And most certainly NOT with unforgiveable amounts of outside others scheming, injuring, conning and manipulating people into believing that THEY are the creators of the mistakes they’re being punished for..when it’s obvious they’re not.)






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