Episodes of “The Honeymooners”

AdobeStock_132384257By Leo Lintang

( If “The Honeymooners” playlist player is missing above, the link is below)


…because our future generations are worth more than to be drowned and poisoned in the ocean of garbage being filtered through their psyches.

..because we’re raising human beings, not animals and we should nurture them accordingly.

..because we should return to feeding our children what humans eat, not the violent-psycho-sexual propagandist slop that Media automatons  fling against the walls; with those blank looks in their eyes and sneers on their lips; unable to understand (nor care) that they too will eventually suffer in this hell they’re content in creating.

..because we made promises to them that  included shielding them from being assaulted, molested and poisoned on the most intimate of levels-with none more intimate than the cores of their spirits, where who they become is created.

photo by Leo Lintang

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