In Front of Our Faces

Senior man with hands on face

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the hands involved in erecting these blatant Georgia Guidestones.

(The ones no one can bear to tear down, like the Civil War monuments of a people’s painful heritage that we’ve torn down. The ones we were screaming like animals over, with our indignant fury over “racism”.

Yet, talk about our being killed for “the greater good”…everyone’s meek and mild again.)

Not when there’s a rough draft out there on the back cover of a book -“Population Bomb”


A book which will have future historians shaking their heads in disbelief over the depths of ignorance our “leaders” exhibited. Or greed and corruption.

They will be shaking their heads in disgust over us being so self-centered and “all-knowing” as to ignore the most obvious signs. Instead, us choosing to muse over “little green men” and fairy tales for answers instead.

And with the deepest of shame and pity, they will shake their heads, for the generations of young children who were left high and dry, abandoned and unprotected.
As our enemies silently (as promised) continued and intensified the job they vowed to do.
Over the shameful course of seventy years. In front of our faces.

Like those dreadful stones.

(Unless..the historians arrive at the confirmed conclusions that we’re now getting punished and harassed for trying to address and protect ourselves from..
(concerning the neurological damages millions suffer from)
..and they cut us some slack for the brain damages inflicted upon us, which hindered our abilities in such cowardly, cheap shot and punk ass ways. )

photo By Sergey Furtaev


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