If You Could Just Stick Around a Little While Longer

Tender touch

It’s something I wish I had the magical opportunity to do-sending these thoughts to the next someone intending to commit suicide, in the midst of the epidemic being reported to us.

Especially, if he or she was born from the group of babies I watched grow and am now forced to watch suffer, as yet another generation (their babies) follows them.

I don’t have the soft-spoken assurances of how much “I love you” to give you.
I would assume that responsibility has been that of people whose lives will be ruined if you continue on with this awful and final decision.
If you have no family, no mother, siblings, no members of a family that welcomed you to this earth with loving arms to hold you tight forever, no matter what you do or are…
I need You to stick around a little while longer to keep me company in the boat we both share..

More importantly, if the day ever arrives for the world to know those who have hurt us, or knowingly assisted, I want you by my side and holding my hand.
If tears are shed, I want them to fall on your shoulder, in the middle of a tight embrace. Not shed in remembrance of you as being amongst the millions of human beings who were destroyed and ruined over the run of seventy years.


I want you to stick around because they don’t deserve to slink into the seat you will leave empty if you break our hearts in this way.

The more of us who leave, the happier they silently are, and they don’t deserve our efforts helping them towards that.

You stay, we win. Your family wins. The lovers and children you end up meeting in the future, they win. It’s simple as that.

There exists a hundred years, at the minimal least, of surviving material (thrift stores, libraries, online if you invest the time and seek deeply) that will provide enough information to discredit information being pumped out into the public by devious media machinery.
So much deception has been manufactured by and passed through generations of different hands, that it’s obvious how difficult it’s becoming to keep each wobbling plate spinning as, I’m sure, their long-gone mentors were god-minded enough to believe should be kept spinning.

If gathering energy for a fight is the last thing your already tested soul can stand..please understand that any “fight” on your end against anyone, is the very last thing you should engage in.
All you need to do is stay. The rest will take care of itself.

Those plates will fall eventually, creating a crash so loud and into so many directions that it will be an unprecedented jaw-dropper. For those not weeping and broken over the betrayal, of course.

If there’s a fight, let it be for control of your life as you need it to be.. by quietly finding out who and what to stop trusting immediately and by crafting armor that will drastically reduce the ongoing damage from the smiling faces who privately loathe the babies we have the “nerve” to give birth to, against their wishes.

This an excerpt from a book, published in 1969, “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich


One can’t help but be impressed at how many suggestions ended up seeing the day of light and  approved by All involved but Us.


At the same time, one can’t help wonder which suggestions were set into motion without our permissions and to what degrees of laziness, selfishness or fear our politicians could have possibly sank to in order to continue.



This following excerpt is taken from a promise of “genocide and slavery” made against us from a manual known as “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.
(Shared with us by a man who dedicated a wonderful portion of his life and energy to inform us in his 1990 publication “Behold a Pale Horse”. )

Take note of the last paragraph..




It’s a “prediction” wish that has also seen the day of light.

Albeit fifty years later,  slipped “quietly”  in under our noses.

(More cause for impression- considering it came from an era where we were  still rooted to the rotary dial.) 



I, being an unwanted production from 1969, am pleased for the opportunity to present these other similarly unwanted 1969 productions to and for you…in hopes that you find them interesting enough to consider researching, while keeping Us company a “little” while longer…as in, for a long time to come.

At least long enough to see a few  withered hippies’ (otherwise smug and cackling) faces drop as the plates do.

At least long enough to assure your daughters and sons that they won’t have anything to fear anymore from “those type” of people.

The type who manipulated the masses into believing they were fighting for, kicking dust up over for and hanging our sons out to dry over women’s “rights”…while all the while, being duped into a slow and humiliating enslavement.

Tearing our families apart; the only true treasure Man has ever truly had for his very own.

With the salt in the wound of females being referred to like problematic animals….


Spoken by a man who, to this day, is so highly regarded that he’s never  suffered reprisals online, no matter what he says or however long ago he said them. While still teaching.



He even has a hustling gig, ringing the Global Warming bell, every once in a while with a U.N. video or two.

We’re still considered the same problem, same “pests”.. just different rooms.

Shrugs all around, I guess, for us “mere mortals” who lose our online livelihoods, our real life reputations and get dragged into digital “town squares” for the crime of blinking at a homeless cat the wrong way..or for thinking a certain way thirty years ago about something someone thought you said…or for any other variety of nit picking and lunatic reasons.

No one promised us that life would be fair nor should be easy.

Especially in a land where the fairy tales were changed so much and so often that generations of children grew up not knowing what monsters even looked like.

Never mind us believing ourselves “too sophisticated” to believe that they existed in the first place. Pshaw.

However, for the chance to see the relief in the eyes of a new generation allowed to evolve as nature intended, safe, happy and grateful that they didn’t have to go through those horrible times-as they will definitely be remembered as..

How happy we would be if you could just stick around a “little” longer to see that with us.

photo By Nikki Zalewski

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