That’s One Heck of a Nerve

3d Funny clown character stands by a blackboard

The temerity is as astounding as it is stomach turning.

When we backslide into an age where citizens of a so-called “civilization” go out of their way, refusing to accept that the modern human being can make up his or her own mind without the assistance of external and quasi-militaristic “intellects” taking control as if they were children or pets.

More infuriating still, the psychological gaming with hyper positivity and wooden smiles, as they lie to our young adults on the “whys” and “whats” of getting through a life already riddled with enough hardships and confusions.
As with this insulting lecture-on how to “assure males they are allowed to stay home”.

And this telling excerpt from a United Nations conference from 1987-where women had obviously DECIDED to stay at home…but that was just not something the high and mighty lords and ladies  could accept nor tolerate.

Microsoft Edge 7_4_2019 7_57_42 AM
Yet, they march on. Filling our young adults heads so full of propaganda that they don’t know if they are coming or going, trying to be on “the right side” of issues they have never experienced and being made to feel like criminals or weak for their instincts and personal wishes.

While we sit by, confused and harassed into collective silence.

If someone were to give a pleasant and wide eyed lecture on how to help this young lady feel comfortable with undergoing a surgery to pin back her ears…so she can feel more confident and it being her “right” to feel as attractive as every human has the right to…she would have an absolute stroke.

She would rage with fury and be insulted beyond words-scorched over the cruelty of strangers having the audacity to assume things she never had doubts over and fit to be tied over having it stopped immediately.

It was an example. She is a pretty young lady and was brainwashed at a rather early age without knowledge on much else than public speaking and “social justice warrioring”.

But it’s the sort of example which must be made, as the window of opportunity for us to help our children defend themselves shrinks.

photo By Steve Young

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