Ya, Netflix..Breaking up IS Hard to Do.

Broken TV

I remember when “we” first met.

I was still in my 20s and those red envelopes were the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I remember getting off of work, excited to grab my goodies in the box. I shared many hours of ad-free shows with the kids and friends who have come and gone since then.
A lot of memories involve my Netflix experience. Too many to mention actually. It was nice.

Our transition to streaming was a no brainer; now I see what stuff you folks are all about, well..I think it’s safe to say that lack of a brain is your default notion on all of us anyway.
That’s ok, though. It’s shrugs all around. We had some good times.

I was actually amazed, in the early days, with what seemed like tailor made picks for me. Heck, I even mused over what A.I. could possibly be in play because Netflix did an excellent job, compared to other services that tracked customers’ vibes. I was impressed and pleased that I didn’t have to sift through the regular garbage I was actively avoiding on the tube.

Now I’m 50.
Between your dorkish red on black announcement of being on “team Satan” of propagandist Media, USA and the 80% dreck that’s now slopped into the trough “according to my taste”…I gotta say, what a dire and bitter disappointment.

I guess your originals say it best.
The children always being foul mouthed to the parents who love them ..the blood, guts and vomit being shot as close up and as often as possible …the mothers always acting foolish and drunk, whining and complaining about being home…the “tough” females beating up or verbally abusing men, or simply taking on the masculine emotional and personality traits of the typical male..on and on..bla after unimaginative bla…

You don’t care about quality, just the messages being spewed, on how to condition young minds into being beastly and “politically correct” like good little robots, is what matters.
As long as there’s no traditional family present. Certainly not where the members ethnically resemble each other in the least. I’m a blend of multiple ethnicities myself and find this predictable propaganda a sick joke. It’s a lack of sophistication you share with all of the other tools who’ve demonstrated not a stitch of “slick” while repeatedly “convincing” us that the world we live isn’t the reality constantly being hammered into ads, videos..the whole foolish mess field of (what should have been) subtle propaganda.
You’ve even snuck in that gay husband and straight wife couple thing into the whole “population reduction” agenda set by your lord and masters.

Nothing says drastic drop in babies being born better than couples who are repulsed over the idea of having sex with one another, never mind being neurologically unable to relate to one another.

I got my final confirmation on your status as purest trash with “Stranger Things;season 2”  above all other shows, including that “every- road -leads -to- Dad’s -busted -skull” “Bandersnatch” gimmick.

It’s when I realized that none of you, in the media horde, had a single ounce of decency left concerning “family programming”.

I’m sorry you’ve devolved into a grinning and mechanical pawn like that.

You’re not the only one, but you’re most certainly the one that seems to have changed in the most drastic ways.

I’m merely a wisp of a number in the small flood of customers leaving. I’ll be part of the vanishing statistics that some figure head nonchalantly excuses as “not enough new material” in some news article, with a cheery forecast on “what’s coming up soon”.
Yup. For me it WAS hard to do, sorry to admit.
I just wish that robo box with its jive “curiosity over why you’re leaving” didn’t have to pop up to rub the salt a bit deeper. A little “thank you” for the thousands of dollars spent over two decades would have been sufficient. However, typing in “your propagandizing garbage and lack of concern over it” sufficed for a virtual door slam.

We know you don’t care. YOU know you don’t care.
The public is a fine mess of morons meant for grade school entertainment and your only job was to be a gear in the machine tasked to mentally rape us- real bloody and violent-like.

If not that, then it was your and the whole of Media’s applauded obligation to help push through UN dictated affirmative action to get as many baby breeders out of the house and away from raising families as possible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good job.

(excerpts are from 1981 “Recommendations for implementation of World Pop. Plan of Action” and UN mid 90’s Cairo conference. I tried the link to the 1981 publication, but seems like it’s at the cleaners. Good thing I saved it, eh?)
There’s nothing like being confronted by yet another big time media operation so focused on our ruination that they couldn’t give a whole ship full of rats asses on how it looks or from what threats or affirmative actions it was connected to; the stink of it rising up from years before most of your staff was born, I’m sure.

Good job on becoming a major part of the American Dream turned “jesus-christ- wth -are- you- doing?” nightmare.

At least it’s nice to know you can provide well for your families while spitting on and laughing at ours, right? Right.

Good luck looking in your daughter’s eyes down the road, though.
When you’re old and frail enough to appreciate what regret and shame truly are..as the world recognizes the names of every single one of the many companies who participated in this god forsaken, low class and international abomination; which took seventy years to accomplish NOTHING but the severe drop in births, masculinized women, feminized men and all out abusive war on and against our brothers, fathers and sons.

(My word..sounds like one of your tasteless horror projects, doesn’t it?)

Then again, there’s not much to be expected from those so very proud of being rude to the deaf.



TV with horns and tail


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