Dingbats, Hypocrites and Idiots..as Woody has Always Shown Us

AdobeStock_9587318By Scott Maxwell

Woody Allen settles lawsuit w/ Amazon and gets stabbed in the back..again

My god.
I clasp my hands in prayer for Woody to live and work another fifty years.
(Only if the brother was open to such a lofty fantasy.)

I say this because he would be the perfect writer to help tell the horrible story of this fog of insanity that’s choking the ever-living last bit of decent and common sense humanity out of us.
(Although, no one should ignore the tradition of terrorist bully groups to falsify their numbers by creating fictional accounts, seeming more numerous than they actually are. We could have a mere couple dozen idgets posing as hundreds if not thousands. This place is so packed with liars, who can truly tell anymore.)
Ding bats.

The entirety of America and our pants pissing majority is ALLOWING YOUNG BOYS TO BE GIVEN LIFE SENTENCES on sex offender lists FOR INNOCENT GESTURES…UNDER THE LAWS OF THE United Nations that isn’t even the “country” that they hold their chubby paws over their hearts for, shedding crocodile tears of sentimentality over.. every time they get drunk at a Fourth of July picnic.

Otherwise, this injustice spits in the face of two Constitutional laws

Cruel and unusual punishment and protection against Double Jeopardy.

While Bill Clinton and other public “demi-gods” strut on this earth with nary a sex offender list entry to hinder their worshipped and filthy footsteps.

I have to watch my brown skinned daughters be depicted in the very same light, as always, through the media…AS SEXUALLY PROMISCUOUS , UNDIGNIFIED, POORLY SPOKEN AND BUMPING THEIR HUMPS IN PUBLIC..

THAT ALONE….should box the ears of whatever “social- justice-me-too-I-have-no-idea-what-the-hell-I’m-being-puppeteered- into- doing” head nodder that exists. But no one sees that at all, do they?

As far as any “celebrities” who have backstabbed and abused this treasure of a man..
( a man who helped hoist 70’s America onto the international stage as a place that could have a bit more than brainless and amoebic foolishness to offer for the above average intellect serving time in this vapid pit)

There is a reason why he was behind the camera, giving directions..with them taking them.
There is a reason he was writing the words, providing brilliant things for them to say.
Because he is and always has been one of their, what’s called, “betters”.
A leader unaffected and unimpressed with being anything else other than his own Man.

As can be seen in this disgusting turn of events..all they’ve EVER been and will ever be are parrots and direction takers; without the guts to stand up to the most criminal element to have usurped power in this country…ever.

At the ignored expense of our children who are being disabled and crippled each and every day, while killing themselves and occasional others each and every day.

At the ignored expense of our minority children still subject to filthy and humiliating stereotypes each and every damned day-still bound for the prisons and still destined for the modern plantations of welfare.

If we can not finally decide to unload the childish respect that we hold for these insignificant prop holding celebrities, as they dare wag their hypocrite fingers at us with insulting PSAs directed towards us…then we need to keep our fat traps shut and our tears to ourselves when pained by genuine, continued and increasing miseries that we are too lazy and prideful to address.

These are celebrities, many whose extent of “talents” lie in the convulsing of their bodies to realistically reenact scenes of upchucking vomit or worthless extended grunting sex acts; once considered the behaviors of classless pigs and deviates.
They are organic windsock puppets, flapping their elongated arms in whichever direction their masters’ winds happen to blow.

As in the case with convicted child rapist director Polanski.
Remember how nearly all of Hollywood held him aloft, decorated with medals and singing his praises despite being convicted of raping a 13 year old female? No one from those hallowed liberal halls cared. No one turned him in. For decades. They sang his praises and beat down doors to be in his films..as if none of them had a teen daughter at home that they would have minded seeing bruised, broken and ruined for life as an entire world embraced the monster who assaulted her.
Oh, but once the #metoo garbage dumpster rolled in, they dropped him like a brick, didn’t they?
Obviously, one only needs to stick the right quarter in these bots before they make the noises you need them to.

(I couldn’t believe when I caught wind of Bette Midler’s “me-too” two cents, whining about her “woeful” experiences.

When I remember being absolutely red faced and shocked as a young child watching that “woman” do her acts-which can only be expressed as being very exuberant and very low class examples of non-stop parades of “sexual harassments” ..and barely nothing but.)

I don’t need to wish Mr. Allen luck from my pinpoint of a spot in this life. I know this.
He’s proven many times who he is. Without needing to prove anything.
He will survive, head held high and keep walking as if walking away from some mangy, paper soaking puppies baring their nubby and lunatic teeth.

I’m sure his circle of true friends is as wide as it’s ever needed to be and surely won’t collapse with the withdrawal of such transparently hollow “supports” anyway.

It’s simply a crying shame that another young generation is growing up in a sick celebrity worshipping nest where
-we grow collectively much more spiritually cancered despite a steady flood of useless and fake celebrity “self help experts” and “guru poets”
-we stuff metal in our mouths, tats on our flesh and act as beastly as possible to emulate similarly decorated celebrities..under the laughable mantras of “being unique” and “ celebrating individuality”. Pff.

I’m very sorry that we risk chasing away (AGAIN) one of our brightest shining stars within this darkened universe.
Heaven knows, there haven’t been any replacements encouraged in this god forsaken country, to soothe the ache of that void.

photo By Scott Maxwell

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