Daily Exercise: Wasted Wants

carlos david

It’s time to teach ourselves how to think about unaddressed yet important issues.
We need to get into the habit of doing so, without other individuals initiating the conversations which they end up having the last word on.
If we offer nothing else, it’s the kind of skill you can hand down to your children; for the war ahead of them..which we won’t be around to help them fight.

The good and seemingly harmless desires we hold.
Our need to belong and be accepted by the majority.
Our wish to be seen as kind, giving and positive.
Our desire to avoid pain.

The interconnected relationship between them.

These are wishes and needs that we carry with us from childhood.
Failure achieving or rejection of either of these things is usually the result of an upset in one or both of the others.
If I end up purposefully rejecting and not caring about what the majority thinks of me, more than likely
former attempts of being kind were taken for granted, while attempts at giving turned into back stabs and being taken advantage of.
Obviously, pain makes its way to the front door regardless of what’s done.
If I end up not caring whether I’m seen as kind and positive, chances are likely that I’d been rejected enough times by the majority of those I had wished to impress in the first place.
Once again, pain coming to call.

If I choose to accept pain to exist in my life, the possible roots are much too intricate within individual mindsets to begin analyzing them out as easily as the other situations.
Let’s just assume that the belief that one can live without pain are considered more rumor than reality-if nothing else has been experienced in a human being’s life.

The negativity associated with these desires in this day and age.
The “majority” has never, is never and never will be all that an average person believes it to be.
Better stated, the majority is never as it is created to be seen to the eyes of a child; which is where we first forge what the idea of a “majority” is and why we “need” its approval.
Despite our wishes to be seen as kind and positive, there are dwindling examples of us behaving in such genuine ways towards one another; unless we are performing our acts of charity and goodness for audiences, attention and/or profit.
We present warm and fake smiles for one another and we have learned to parrot the Snapple cap philosophies of countless talk show hosts and panel experts loaded up behind the desks of our major news networks.
However, these collective actions have resulted, not in an observable and workable system providing comfort in our lives but in an observable and diseased expression of anxieties and conflict.
Current strategies and laws, allegedly designed to avoid hurt feelings and pains, have instead brought more psycho-social pain than mankind has ever been recorded to suffer-possible exceptions being from years of the Roman empire’s downfall and the population reducing Black Plague.

It’s just a little something to think about today.
With no need to come up with any sort of answer nor for any particular reason other than to absorb.
As long as you do so at your own pace and to your satisfaction.

photo By Carlos David

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