Least Loved Beast

Full moon / Textured grunge paper background with Paris architecture vintage style - Chimera (demon) of Parisian Notre Dame, full moon and Eiffel Tower profile

The Least Loved Beast

From where and of what is this riddling beast?
With benefit of birth, undiscovered
as it may be and loved not in the least
amongst men by which it is outnumbered.

With black yawning and puckered wounds set high
upon its face, silently growling now
and then again upon having no eye
where gods twice jabbed their spears beneath its brow.

As it rages sadly and howls its loss
that “All will love!” and “None will leave!” by will
through successions of blows it lays across
innocence lifeless and crushed by the kill.

Where it curses the moon and the weeping
she’s done, with palest face turned to the east
and away from her dead children sleeping
regretting loving what gods loved the least.


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