For any of “Our” Politicians


I haven’t had much luck writing letters.
So, I’ll simply lay this down here.
A random pair of eyes may know someone
who can run a letter up to Zeus’s children on Mount Olympus in Washington D.C.
You never know.

Our sons are being put on sex offender lists as young as age 9.
For innocent gestures.

That means they cannot own a home. They cannot vote.
They won’t be allowed near children…society in general…EVER AGAIN
For the rest of their lives.
As if they committed a crime.

All while our sons and daughters are being raped by
That is getting clean, cold away with it.

Our men are being pushed aside and humiliated in public.
Surely, one of you has eyes attached to a brain.
A heart might actually help matters as well,
Because we urgently need you to rustle up a

majority group of backbones and pass this bill.

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019 (H.R. 204)

If you need reminding, the injustice towards our boys involves “cruel and unusual punishment” and “double jeopardy”-as they are put on adult offender lists when they turn 18.

This is but one single grievance that needs redressing.

Pass this bill before 2020 hits us like a brick.

Unless you guys are being held hostage, of course..then I suppose there’s nothing you can do except pull up a seat next to us.

However, if you’re still free thinking humans , still interested in the Constitution and alleviating the MANY pains of the public you used to serve, this bill passing (without juvenile foot dragging theatrics played out in front of the cameras) would be appreciated.
The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019 (H.R. 204)

2017 article


photo By Jenny Sturm

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