Great 80’s Music but Still Putrid Media

Disgusted child


I’ve been humming this song since I was twelve years old.

It’s from the 80’s, the time when the putrid Media was just starting sex- exploiting the hell out of children.

Ages 15..

or 13, was all game.

Not a bad score for Media’s influence- considering some of us were getting a fair and varied amount of it in our homes as well. I’m sure we have Media to “thank” for playing a significant part in increasing the sexual deviancy rates of abuse within many of our childhoods.
IT’S THE VERY SAME putrid Media system that is now helping ruin our men and son’s lives by instigating this frenzied and deceptive version of “sexual harassment” alongside the disgusting “Toxic Masculinity” lie.

And it’s the same putrid Media that is churning this ridiculous U.N. fable of how “American women need help”, when our fore mothers fought this fight and won it a long time ago, thank you.

Basically, NOW the Media is punishing our males, shaming them, insulting them and criminally persecuting them out in the open…for a having a sex drive.
Yet, back then, Media’s putrid hump was allowed to do whatever the hell and whenever hell it wanted; with some with the nerve to consider it some big fat joke of a privilege.

It is very same putrid Media that currently trots non-stop on the news, in ads, in shows, everywhere ..about the inferiority of men and other disgraceful insults, while managing to not give a damn that our young men are entering adulthood without the right to vote because of the criminal sex offender listings from when they were little children.
An absurd oddity, when one thinks on how Media loses its mind over the subject of undocumented citizen’s rights to vote- even if they can’t read the language or barely understand it.

Yet the illegality of United Nations mandated sex offender punishments continues for our young boys..without a peep from Media.
(Well, except for smirking snorts of amusement from the background, I’m sure.)

The MOST absurd oddity of all, from this institution of worthless trash?

The fact that amongst their associated cohorts there exists an entire nest of thousands (not just hundreds) of child raping scum…with no screaming or thumping alarms being rung about it by Media all.

But my son winking at a girl? Can bring him an instant lifetime of the same stripping of rights as a prison inmate.

Yup. The good ole 80’s from the trashy and hypocritical scabs and idiots of Media.
At least they had good music, if we wish to talk about small blessings in times of pure evil.
It helped turn what could have been a droll march to the edge of the cliff into a swinging and rocking series of joyful dances to the edge instead.
As it was created to the lying, filthy and masochistic monsters we’ve been made too stupid and blind to notice- never mind challenge.

photo by Olly

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