Gift of a Suggestion: “Ober”(The Waiter)

AdobeStock_279010285By Alexandr Vasilyev

This movie “The Waiter” is a genuine gift as far as movie recommendations go. –far removed from the mediocre muck.

(However, be warned. There is a pawn shop scene where it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your hand firmly pressed against your tummy ahead of time. I haven’t laughed until tears sprang out of my eyes in a very long time and that scene broke that record instantly.)

The plot is deliciously clever (enough to make this two bit writer respectfully jealous)

about a waiter who attempts negotiating with the author of his less than perfect life.

All throughout, it has everything I crave and adore from the true filmmaking talent.

(Slight yet trivial spoiler) You’ll even have an opportunity to witness the slickest non- cartoon presentation of “birdies-circling -above- a -knocked -out -man”  ever created.

(It also reminds me how much I would rather exist as a slave whose entertainment is forged by the hands of intelligent and savvy masters rather than rule as a queen over a kingdom that’s chock full of witless and worthless trash-manufactured and donated by the same.)

movie available with English subtitles on Amazon

photo By Alexandr Vasilyev

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