Reminders for the Day

A few friendly reminders for the road today..

In case you fall prey to the verbal abuses and lies of withered old tyrants

who have the audacity to insult us for wanting to protect ourselves.

So you don’t have to hang your head when they snidely remind you of the degrees you don’t have or how “ignorant” you are.

From 1975, when the high and mighty lords and ladies of the United Nations delusional and esteemed courts decided to take matters into their own hands..I mean talons.


From the 1969 manual to jumpstart our nightmares



The death threat we’re all supposed to ignore..(yet we’re obligated to beat a man to death in the public square for being ASSUMED to flirt or make “questionable” eye contact-per the purposeful humiliations addressed against our men in the “Factor II-Father”. Also from ’69.)


NOTE: There are very wise authors who suggest that calling attention to what is being done only serves to add to the sick kicks this new generation of “masters n minions” get over our “calling for help” that won’t come. I couldn’t agree more.

(I happen to be one of the millions of second generation “Monster Farm” creations and who would know better about the sad and sick habits of “mummy and daddy” than us?)

To me, it’s like a blazing building being engulfed in a fire that can’t be extinguished..

If there’s the slightest chance that ONE unaware soul, parent, child or whomever can benefit from information  concerning his/her life, it’s simply a quick and final “look-see” through the standing structure.

That’s all. They know they won-it doesn’t mean we need to abandon one another.

Nor does it mean we need to demean ourselves further, in the light of their sarcasms and foolishness, by bowing to their “superiority” by defending them or continuing the blind trust.


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