Emotional woman crying and covering the face with the hands hiding the tears, on a black or dark background. Concept for victim, depression, pain, grief, mourn, despair, sadness, fear.

It’s not right.
But it’s quite easy..
For someone to hate you for being rude.
For someone to despise you for your lack of manners.
And for others to get together and decide how to get rid of you.
It’s not right.
But it’s very easy..
For someone to hate your misbehaving children.
For someone to hate them for crushing other children for kicks.
And for others to get together to “do something” about those children of yours.

When you choose to crumple up a bag and toss it into the street and walk away.
When you cut someone off in your car and salute the “sucker” with a rude gesture.
When you chew and snap your gum with the same open mouth that can be heard blocks away when you fight with your mate. Every night.
Or when you proudly express the foul words that substandard educations tend to provide..and substandard intellects tend to cling to.
When you rudely snatch things out of soft and gracious hands.
And when you giggle with your girls at a drunken old soldier who went to war as a young man…for the sake of your punk and polluted future.

It is not right.
But it’s much too easy for you to end up
enslaved in the darkest of places by the darkest of wardens
when you repay the gift of “freedom” by committing the crime
of complete and utter lousiness.

When you decide it’s your right to act like an animal and others decide it’s their duty to act like the zookeepers.

When you decide to act like a prostitute and others decide it’s their duty to pimp you out.

And so it always goes
To the exact same spot where it always ends.
You demanding a choice in matters pretending that others don’t exist on this planet with you.
And those who decide they were left with no choice, pretending they’re the only ones who do matter.
Invisible to you both
Ruined by you both
suffer in the middle
Without either of you righting your wrongs
and neither of you making anything easy.

words by Ramsy

photo by StockPhotosArt

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