“Teenage Crime” Tribute

Hands reaching out from hell.


Oh..I nearly forgot the “cherry” for the top of my little project.

It’s an 1851 cherry which is just as fresh as, yet grotesquely more bloated than, it was in the days that Rev. J.A. Wylie, LL.D. wrote it.

The following clippings (“cherry”) are from The Papacy; its History, Dogmas, Genius and Prospects”

-a first prize winning essay on popery crafted by our distinguished Rev. Wylie.

With it being one of my favored reads, I regret not being able to include more passages from the many chapters that comprise this treasure.

However, with the same ancient forces in current steel-fisted (albeit under cowardly cover) control, grooming the average human to be as dirt floor ignorant as possible, (while avoiding the risk of us fainting  from the strain of sneezing and thinking at the same time..barely) I’m more than honored to share just one.

Microsoft Edge 1_20_2020 7_30_53 PM

Microsoft Edge 1_20_2020 7_31_03 PM

The link included above will allow you to read the entire work; including a rare opportunity to finally discover the reason why an entire institution can openly and repeatedly go unpunished for protecting and/or spawning thousands of child rapists.

While hiding behind multi-tentacled organizations which legislate the  disgrace, criminalization and abuse of Man for the “crime” of overpopulating “their” world and daring to try protecting himself from being raped of his very natural born essence.


After thousands of years.

Microsoft Edge 1_20_2020 7_48_36 PM


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