It’s Gonna Be All Right, Honey. Just Don’t Forget to Remember.

Lovers hugging in the among bature fields


As we, citizens of five countries (so far), get dragged through this plague, we’ll do well to remember a few things.

Our survival depends not on whomever or whatever we’re commanded to, bullied into and conditioned to blindly trust.
It depends, mightily, on not listening to whomever and whatever we must not and cannot trust.
If we don’t know what to do in certain situations, then we buckle down and teach ourselves or improvise.

If we can’t have what we want (other than water and food), then we do without it, without expressed complaint or crying.

We have the blood of generations of ancestors who survived many disasters from famines to genocides, depending on the history- we need to remember that each and every spare moment that becomes available.

It’s a child’s duty to play and dream of his future and fully enjoy the only time of his life when a human being may truly know uninterrupted happiness in his life.
At the very least, it’s our duty to make sure he gets to make those memories, so that he may call upon them to help soothe him during the more difficult and longer span of his adult life.

Too much precious time is lost in hysterics or behaving as if the “worst” has already landed on our door.

Yes, these will be interesting times.

No, there are no guarantees either way-except for our enemies obvious and fevered enthusiasm and not to be believed insanity. By the time the “smoke” has cleared, we will want to still be making the best of each day, not wasted by upsetting our systems unnecessarily .

Within the past four months, I received two unexpected packages containing random commercial items, with no note explaining the reasons nor origins. Having found a few other bulletin posts from people who are expressing confusion over the same thing… I wish to stress the following, in light of the oncoming storm.


(mine {a pack of Halloween socks in one and a bag of turkey jerky in the other…of all things} were obviously routed through the regular post; one I remember coming from Amazon…but no return addresses at all)

These are the very least of times to trust as we’ve been. Now, our lives depend on it.


Even if you’ve never met your neighbors, you may want to drop a quick note introducing yourself and quick contact info. There’s no need to roll over a Bundt cake or bond to any intimate degrees. It’s just a more pleasant option to anticipate the help of or  offering help to familiar faces of one’s neighbors, rather than unnecessarily risking police state abuses on one side and those citizens who live for the times of crisis and potential unrest on the other.

Most importantly of all, remember the details of these years and record them.

Countless numbers of us have, but it won’t hurt for the extra journal or vanity video to make it into the future.

Handwritten, tape recorded, however and whenever one may.

To identify and chart the individuals and groups who remain convinced that the majority of us are so very neurologically  “well taken care of”; considering “generational damages” and such.

Or to simply share with your grandchildren before you kiss their foreheads good-night, in the future..with purest gratefulness and hardest learned lessons far behind you.

It’s okay. When looked at from a humane sort of melancholy, one could almost feel an odd pity for the drivers and sponsors who have marched and railed through the decades to secure their glory, you know?

SO many of them are but a couple years away from retiring into the humiliation of jumbo diapers and habitual bare gum munching.

You know, in the twilight that often comes with the elderly diseases that come naturally-unlike the cruel “unexplained phenomenon” of Parkinson’s and early dementia that these decrepit bastards allowed my middle aged brothers and fathers to be forced into.

If this was a movie or some sci-fi comic book, one could almost be tempted to feel just a smidgeon of pity. last thing to remember? They don’t deserve an ounce of it.

Click the following link, print what you read immediately, or snap a picture and stash it. If you have the time, make multiple hard copies of the main text along with as many of the relevant links that catch your interest.

It’s just a boring ole bit of high falootin science speak that I figure me and my other “insectoid” siblings can stare at for fun, whilst we wait for our drool to bungee its way to the typical destination of the top of our house slippers…and before the links vanish into the 404 nether realms.
That’s all.

photo By VioNet

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