Yet Another Two Faced and Tiresome U.N. Sponsor

Young attractive manager in everyday clothes, man points to the empty space, looking at camera, portrait, front view, blue background, copy space, advertising, slogan, toned

The following video is especially meant for the young and meek who have been taken for suckers by an amalgamation of corporate entities who play footsies with the dry and cracked feet of the United Nations; long dirty nails and all.

We’re talking about corporations and the ridiculous amount of perverted bully patrols who demand and force EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH to listen to them for instructions on how to run our lives.

Just like the dark ages( in one of their earlier incarnations of popery; ripping human beings to pieces and setting them on fire for not voluntarily surrendering to the rape of their spiritual private spaces)..they now insult and destroy the lives of those who challenge them on their dirty tricks and games re “female empowerment” and “racial sensitivities”

It is a small part of the stuff related to chessboards that we have all been forced to occupy as pawns; forever being moved where other hands want and forever being wiped out.

It’s a “good news, bad news” deal.
The bad news first. As I touched on, the United Nations has a mind staggering amount of backing and sponsored affiliations with companies, like Unilever, that have been deep rooted fixtures in millions of lives.

The following video is a big part of the chessboard environment as well.

It’s called a check.

Depending on the more standing up and barking back that our societies practice, it has beautiful checkmate potential.

That is the good news.

What bumps it up to fantastic news is that there are hundreds of these examples of hypocrisy that they have long neglected to “disguise”.
Because they have been arrogant enough to believe we are all actually that blind and stupid as to not note the obvious, and that they are that “slick” to not have to bother.

It’s one of hundreds of inspiring ‘clues’ that can help the young and meek hold their heads a little higher and keep the spines a bit straighter
when it’s time to remind these “high browed” hypocrites to keep the open holes in their faces shut, opinions to themselves and greasy fingers out of our lives.
And when it’s time to look them square in the eyes to demand that they stop pouring the insult of treating us like brainless children on top of the damages done by their high financed assaults and juvenile mockery.

Remember, even if all ads were pulled, with tired and traditional apologies offered..the evidence of their true colors is a matter of record that can’t be denied when it exists at the same time of their “holier than thee” U.N. inspired proclamations of patting themselves on the back for being “sustainable and socially responsible” as they always and wearily do.

photo By Анастасия Семашко

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