Step Away From My “Millennial”

Silhouettes of people in a long dark corridor. The ghosts of a woman and child. Dark creepy hallway with ghosts.

Although your children may have been turned against you and/or your traditions.
With each precious memory twisted into a humiliation of misquoted sentiment..

if not simply forgotten amongst your personal failings which they have been
trained to shout from the highest rooftops..

And even if you’ve endured the immense pain of watching that flicker of recognition, the one that once brightened your mornings and reminded you that “Hey!” you had a reason to stay after all.. vanish into a dark and brooding scrutiny..

Please, as far as we may ask you with a gentle and steady permission,

Don’t forget the animals who shame them with these brazen
announcements of “inadequacies” and grossly exaggerated generalities.
Which are not at all what a loving and kind protector would allow ANYONE to EVER say about their beloved children.

Remember they are NOTHING but insults from a withered and poisonous horde who would, themselves fall apart and inside out altogether if we were rude enough to turn these abuses back upon them..

If more of us were to trumpet their gross lack of civility and the average amount of times they wake up in their own piss drenched sheets.

Because, let’s face it, a massive amount of them are quite notorious for being the same sort of drop down drunks that they have whined about and accused their own parents of being. If not animals of a pathetically worse sort.

Their parents actually had a reason for numbing their pains- from surviving widespread poverty
(which these animals’ masters brought about), watching their friends get blown to bits in wars
(that these animals’ masters continue to wage) and holding the fragile structure of this country together by all the strength they possessed and with their heads held high, with dignity intact.
Just so they could fluff the pillows and hold down the forte for what has turned out to be the most undeserving and ugly spirited generation of “tyrants” modern society has had to endure.

What have these poisonous shrews and toads (the ones who own these publications and turn the screws each day) do to earn their alcoholism and addictions?

Unless one wishes to count their ridiculous protests from the chaotic days of their own greasy haired and manipulated youth.
When they railed against a system that they now own and represent in the worst and most low-class ways possible, gritting their teeth and gripping the wheels with the white knuckled tell-tale sign of absolute and jealous lunacy.

Or when they seethed and schemed to snatch treasures that they were too lazy and too wicked to manufacture on their own without bullying entire generations and ruining countless nations.
Treasures which they have been, and are presently in the process of , proving that they never deserved in the first place.

So, until these animals shut those poisonous, horrifically abusive and muck filled holes of theirs to cease insulting our children…especially when they wag that dried up ten pound finger at us to lecture us on “civility” of speaking to our own brothers and neighbors..
Remember, no matter what, that it’s your job to stand up for your child and her/his generation.
Not to cower and nod the limp necked “okey doke” to the ones who have gone above and beyond all reason and decency to knock our children down and keep them down.

For it seems they’ve gotten it into their heads that our children are destined to wipe their bespeckled and aging humps in their old age. As slaves. Cheery, medicated and easily puppeteered servants; who are being groomed to have EVERYTHING done for them from enjoying books, driving cars to making their own shopping lists to (for chrissakes) leaving it up to bots to calculate their “best chances for love”.

And they’ve gotten hold of a broken and vile belief that our children should be happy to serve them as slaves for the remainder of their delusional and disgusting days as if they were gods and divine beings…instead of the goats and derelicts they’re proving themselves to be.

It is nothing but your job, as a parent, to stand up and  shatter that delusion.

If you love your matter where or how they are.

As for the young warriors who have been trained to keep the darkness flowing while holding the baton they’ve been passed..(the very baton that many are not aware will be used to beat them into non existence once they’ve spent the entirety of a precious youth defending those who secretly hate them)..all I have is one word to spare on that subject.


If you can’t forgive today, then try again tomorrow. The next day, next month or next year..whatever it takes.

Forgive them so that the door remains open for their safe return, when these filthy and destructive animals are finally cleared from the woods.

photo By Victoria

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