Beating a Big Oaf with an Owl, Book and a Rat

I decided to do a little video project about the three most important things when forced to “dance” in battle.

They’re represented by the three pets that I chose to fight  big oaf “Captain Klutz” in a Deadmines pet battle run from World of Warcraft.
An owl, a flying book and a blind rat.





Wisdom (the owl)-is the good sense to learn when to speak or stay quiet. It’s learning how to keep your cool , even as people and systems try to work your very last nerve into one enormous knot. Being wise and cool headed- a necessity in all matters, not just battle.

Knowledge-represented by the flying book, of course. From studying offline publications, reading historic literature to seriously listening to (and often taking) advice from older people. The point is to store as much data as possible and from as many different sources as possible, so you can access unknown and necessary truths for survival and comfort.

Finally, the one I consider quite important; it never hurting to either have a rat on your team or you, yourself,

embracing the inner rat you know is twitching whiskers somewhere deep within you.

The planning of and ushering in of the sorts of ugliness at work these days wasn’t accomplished by “good, polite and nice” folk.

I dare say we’ve seen the damages that the mass of “do-gooding” folk have caused recently; with “well intentioned” efforts resulting in extensive abuses towards one another, instead of towards the ones they are conned into believing are “proper” and “righteous”. Sometimes, only a good and healthy rat can know other rats well enough to offer best insight and protection.

It takes a lot to defeat or survive the “Big Oafs” of this world..on and off screen.
It makes me very proud to know that our young gamers will have what it takes to do that very thing.

(And I’m also proud to admit that I still enjoy this song-
since I was a thirteen year old Ramsy..who had pretty much the same mediocre video gaming skills as the old one does now.

But she’s still having fun, that is for sure.)

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